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Forge of Masters. WePlay! League LAN-Finals Survival Guide

Oh, what fun we’ll have this weekend!

Forge of Masters. WePlay! League LAN-Finals are about to begin, and we can’t wait to give you guys the great show that’s been in the works for months.

About the tournament

The purpose of Forge of Masters. WePlay! League is to improve the international CS:GO scene by making the CIS region more competitive. With a deep pool of passionate and dedicated players, we believe it’s possible to make CIS one of if not the strongest region in the world.

In the first stage of the event, eight teams fought each other in the round-robin format. Every match had its mini-prize of $500.

The group stage standings.

In the final stage, the four remaining teams will play in a double elimination bracket.


HellRaisers came into Forge of Masters. WePlay! League as one of the heavy favorites and, though not unbloodied, came out of the group in the first place. According to Sergey “lmbt” Bezhanov, they are looking forward to the LAN-finals as it’s a good reason to gather all the players in one place.

AVANGAR has the advantage of playing together for a long time with very few roster changes. Dastan "dastan" Akbaev mentioned that the team gained motivation and next-level experience in Katowice, which makes them hungry to show great results in the upcoming LAN.

Vega Squadron had recently built up a new roster from scratch. In his recent interview, Igor "crush" Shevchenko said that WePlay! League is a great opportunity to take the new squad out for a test drive.

DreamEaters came into the WePlay! League as an up and coming team and we are immensely proud to be one of the TOs to “discover” this gem. Anton "speed4k" Titov shared a lot about the team routines, training and mindset.

If you’re watching from home


Hugo Byron and Tom "Tombizz" Bissmire will be manning the casters’ desk for our international audience and will make sure that you miss none of the action.

We’re going to have a lot of fun during the broadcast, so don’t make extensive plans for the weekend.

If you are joining us in the venue

If you’ve decided to have the best time of your life and join us for the LAN event, there are a couple of things we want you to know.

  • First, you are a fantastic person, and we are happy to have you in the audience. You’ll also get a lot of perks for being here.
  • Second, you can grab the free tickets by following a simple instruction — visit special page and get yours for free!
  • Third, Kiev is a great city and we recommend checking out this trip guide to make your experience here as pleasant as possible. It also has the instructions on getting to the venue.

Schedule (in local GMT+3 time)

May 3

15:00 – The venue opens.
16:00 – Upper-bracket semifinals #1, HellRaisers vs Vega Squadron.
19:00 – Upper-bracket semifinals #2, AVANGAR vs DreamEaters.

All the information on 1st day's schedule can be read over here.

If you want to know the results — we've made a recap on Day One.

May 4

14:00 – The venue opens.
15:00 – Lower-bracket semifinals.
18:00 – Upper-bracket semifinals.

Second day's schedule is over here in details.

May 5

14:00 – The Venue opens.
15:00 – Grand Finals.


The total prize pool of Forge of Masters. WePlay! League is $50,000. As mentioned before, each match win in the group stage granted the winner $500, which absorbed $14,000 in total. Here is the breakdown of the remaining $36,000.

  • 1st place $20,000
  • 2nd place $10,000
  • 3rd place $4,000
  • 4th place $2,000

*               *               *               *               *               *               *

If you have any questions, ask us via social media or in the comments here — everybody will be heard. We wish you to have a good time and enjoy Forge of Masters. WePlay! League LAN-Finals.

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