Forge of Masters LAN Finals — Day 2 Results

May 04 2019 4 min read

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Scout, come to the fire, we begin to sum up the second day of the Forge of Masters. WePlay! League LAN-finals. According to the already established tradition, we started this day with a workout to the cheerful music:

The participants of our camp, having warmed up, set about identifying the strongest. First, we had to see the meeting of Vega Squadron and DreamEaters. The winner went further to the final day, and the loser was forced to leave our cosy tournament.

Unfortunately, we didn't see a severe game in this match. As it often happens, DreamEaters could not recuperate after yesterday's battle with AVANGAR, and the meeting was entirely one-sided.

16:7 on Mirage, 16:4 on Overpass - DreamEaters could not do anything, but the "Sharks", in turn, began to show a reasonably confident game. The main star of the match was scoobyxie, who ended the meeting with an average rating of 1.61 (43 kills with 27 deaths, 106.1 damage per round).

Nevertheless, we want to say thank you so much to DreamEaters for participating in our tournament - they gave a lot of pleasant memories and dramatic moments, and fought till the end!

While the participants of the Upper Bracket Finals were tuning on the stage, our viewers were not idle. Someone spent time in a specially equipped esports zone, playing 1v1 matches:

Someone rested in the lounge area on the most comfortable gaming chairs:

And someone checked his accuracy in real, not computer shooting in our shooting gallery:

We have a lot of entertainment, and if you are still wondering whether to go to the VDNG (Kyiv, Ukraine) today or not, then we will tell you that it is easiest to get tickets for the Final day from our partners Karabas via this link.

But it was a lyrical digression before the tense battle that HellRaisers and AVANGAR presented us. The match of these teams became the most watched in the online stage, and we waited for the rematch of the team from Kazakhstan. However, the end of the day has not been without a nervous ending.

Although Inferno was the HellRaisers' choice, AVANGAR was utterly ready to play it. Taking the bull by the horns already on the first pistol, the players from Kazakhstan made it very clear that they had learned from the defeat a month ago.

A stubborn struggle, in which teams sought to inflict damage on each other's weaknesses, was played in front of us. The main damage was done by buster, who played with statistics 28-12 (104.6 damage per round, 1.69 rating). We can say that it was Timur Tulepov who became the trump card that made AVANGAR the winner - 16:10.

The second map of the meeting was Mirage, and here the struggle was especially tense. Both opponents have prepared an excellent attack, but the defence was far from all. Nukkye and oskar sharply improved in that game, but the successful command actions of AVANGAR didn't allow HellRaisers to level the score in the match. Having played three map points, a team from Kazakhstan turned the game into overtime, where they turned out to be stronger - 22:19. It was AVANGAR that became the first Grand Finalist of our League, with which we congratulate both the club and its fans!

Today we are waiting for the final day of Forge of Masters. WePlay! League, and we will find out the name of the first champion. You can see the Final day schedule here.

All the most important for the Forge of Masters. WePlay! League you can find on our site by the special tag. Stay alert, scout, and be ready for anything!

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