For what purposes do you need Virtual Points?

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Good day to all our dear visitors and permanent residents of WePlay.TV site!As you already have understood from the name of the news, we will talk here about the development of Virtual Points, hereinafter called to as «WP».

Зачем нужны Virtual Points?


Good day to all our dear visitors and permanent residents of WePlay.TV site!

As you already have understood from the name of the news, we will talk here about the development of Virtual Points, hereinafter called to as «WP».

Virtual Points are the internal virtual money of WePlay.TV site. They give you an opportunity to bet through “WePlay bets” service by making the bets on the matches of your favorite teams without spending any real money.

Starting from August all accounts of registered users were replenished by 100 WP, and since that time the visitors of the site, who has already had the possibility to use the mentioned service, asked themselves (and us often, to be honest) about where to apply the winnings? Answering your question, we would like to explain: we have a small development program concerning WP which will allow you, gradually after testing the new site modules, to receive/play/change your WP for devices or real money.

In this news we would like to provide you with the first portion of information about how WP will be developed, and just “to put everything in order”:


1. How can you get WP?

As one of the primary uses of WP at the moment are the bets, and all the users received WP for free, many players in the heat of The International 3 successfully lost their WP, allowing other players, on the contrary, to have good savings.

About how winners can receive the real prizes and USD instead of available WP, you can read in the next section, but here we would like to clarify how to get WP, even if you don’t have any of them now:

- Everyday visit of the site. If you are a registered user and enter the site every day using your login, you will fall under a loyalty program and receive 10WP;

- Participation in different events in social networks. In the nearest future we plan to have a lot of prize drawings in social networks, where we will raffle a large number of WP. So, participating in different contests and quizzes, you can easily become a prizewinner and receive WP;

- Participation in championships. Are you a real e-sport player? Perfect! For participation in each championship having its place on WePlay.TV site, you will receive 10WP, and plus 5WP for each won round within this championship! Of course, the prize for participation will be awarded only in case if the game is not ended with a technical loss caused by your absence at the championship;

- Winning in tournaments. Prize winners of WePlay.TV championships will also receive WP. But, unlike the real money or gaming devices, there will not be 2-3-4 prize winners, but 5-10-20 places;

- Special items increasing your profitability.  What’s the hell, it need to be just an ordinary site – Let it be a small RPG-game, - we decided. For a large number of “likes” to your comments (the hand with turned up thumb (not to be confused with the average finger) close to the each comment), for a regular participation in the championships, for one-after-another winnings in several tournaments, for activity on the forum (not to be confused with increased flood) and for many other achievements you will receive special items. It can be medals or figurines of your favorite characters, various staffs, helmets, hardhats and other pleasant items with special capabilities.

By activating these items you will have the possibility to: participate in the closed “premium tournaments” which, despite the decent prizes, will be held only for the owners of the mentioned items; increase the odds of your bet in a certain given day; and just to get extra WP every day, regardless your site visits.


For what purposes do you need Virtual Points?


2. WP value, or how to spend WP with profit to your soul and body.

So, actually, what is this all about? Well, except for idle interest, of course. The game itself – that’s fine, but we also have the continuation of the story with your Virtual Points. In October we will launch a store that will allow you, by using your WP, to buy gaming and not only gaming devices of our partners or to exchange your WP for USD currency (WePlay.TV equivalent of the U.S. dollar), which can be withdrawn to Webmoney purse, PayPal or Visa/MasterCard Credit Card.

The store will be constantly replenished with new positions, so you can choose the items which you like the most. We’d like to appease you, the rate will not be exorbitant, and you will not need to live on Weplay.TV for three years in order to win the prize with nominal of $ 20.

Taking into account that technically the fully-functional store is under development now, including all its convenient menus, buttons, tables and goods descriptions, and the time of putting it into operation is October 2013, we decided to present you the list of some items which you can buy using your available WP, so you can receive prizes before the store opening.

If you want to buy something from the following list using your available WP, you need to write a letter to the administration from your WePlay.TV account specifying the delivery address (delivery can be done to any place within the earth planet in case of any kind of mail existence in this place). Our staff will contact you and send you the coveted prize in 1-2 days.


For what purposes do you need Virtual Points?


3. Terms.

All the things described above are going to be implemented during the current autumn. At the moment it’s hard to say something more detailed than “autumn 2013”, as there is a lot of work to be done. But you can be sure that the project is implementing by the team of professionals and everything will be done as soon as possible. Appearance of every new function will be accompanied with the separate news in order to keep you up-to-date. Now we would like to give you some details available at the current moment:

- accrual of 10WP for daily site entrance will appear in the first half of September 2013;

- social networks’ events with WP prize drawings – September 2013;

- accrual of WP for championship participation – September 2013;

- WP as the championship prizes – from the middle of September 2013;

- special items with magic characteristics – autumn 2013;

- store with WP currency – October 2013.


With the deepest respect to the visitors and permanent residents of our site,

WePlay.TV Project Team

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