fnatic over Na`Vi at StarSeries XIV

Jan 18 2016 4 min read
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fnatic took the first big trophy of the year home after delivering a masterclass in CS in the grand final against Na`Vi in a packed Minsk Arena in only two maps, de_dust2 (16-3) and de_cobblestone (16-7).

The match started on de_dust2, Na`Vi's pick going into the final, and a map that was going to be crucial to Na`Vi's success in the final if they wanted to win, as their hope mostly banked on making it to the third map, de_mirage.

It didn't start out well for the CIS team, however, as their were stopped on their tracks during the pistol round with Dennis "dennis" Edman getting an all headshot 4k with the USP. Edman then went on to score an impressive 29-7 for a rating of 2.61 on the map.

fnatic delivered blows relentlessly round after round losing only one round out of the first 10, and ending the half at 12-3. fnatic then won the second pistol round, as well, and closed out the map giving Na`Vi no more than those three rounds.The first kill differential on de_dust2 was +13 for fnatic. 

The second map, de_cobblestone, was fnatic's favored map, and they did not disappoint. Starting on the CT side, Na`Vi managed to win the first pistol round and then added the two next rounds on the board as well. As soon as fnatic had weapons, however, the Swedes went on to win the next five rounds, flipping the map game back around.

With a 10-5 at the half in favor of the black and orange, the pistol round was crucial for Na`Vi's stakes in the game. However, for the third time in two maps, fnatic won it, leaving Na`Vi between a rock and a hard place.

With the game at 14-6, Na`Vi pulled a fake at B while Denis "seized" Kostin planted on A at leisure, and was able to defend the bomb in a 3v1 clutch situation but it was too little too late. The Swedes closed out the match giving up only 10 rounds across both maps, starting the year off with a bang.

SL i-League StarSeries XIV final standings:


 fnatic - $90,000


 Na`Vi - $40,000


 EnVyUs - $20,000


 Luminosity - $20,000


 questionmark - $9,000


 G2 - $9,000


 CyberZen - $6,000


 ex-Titan - $6,000



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