Fnatic defeat Luminosity 2-1, win FACEIT Finals

Nov 30 2015 3 min read
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Fnatic bounced back from a Game 1 loss to put an end to Luminosity's miracle run through the tournament with a 2-1 victory at the FACEIT Finals.

Train was the first map of the Grand Final, and Luminosity kicked off the match with a five-round string of victories on the T-side. The rest of the first half was back and forth, but Fnatic only managed to close the deficit enough to only trail 8-7 by halftime.

Luminosity took the pistol round in the second half as well, which allowed them to take four of the next five rounds. Fnatic only managed to best the Brazilians in one round before the underdogs reached their 16th to end the game 16-9 and take a 1-0 series lead.

Going into the second game on Cobblestone, everyone was waiting to see if Luminosity could complete their miracle run. Their first chance to take the series began with a CT-side pistol win, but their strong start was quickly forgotten as Fnatic took the next round which reset Luminosity's economy. From then on, Fnatic were able to pick apart Luminosity, resetting their economy whenever the Brazilians were able to get on stable ground. By the time the 15th round ended, Fnatic had amassed a 9-6 lead on the map's T-side.

Fnatic opened up the second half with a string of round wins off the back of their pistol round win. As they neared the finish line, Luminosity came back, but it proved to be too little too late for the Brazilians as Fnatic managed to trade enough rounds with them to win the game 16-11.

Inferno would see Luminosity open up the game with a pistol round win and cleanly take the following two rounds to go up 3-0. Fnatic had done enough damage though. When they managed to take the fourth round, they left Luminosity with no money to work with and it quickly became apparent that Fnatic's decision to start on the T-side helped them take away Luminosity's lead. Fnatic went on to take nine rounds in a row before Luminosity could hit back.

By the time the second half began, Luminosity had managed to pull the score back to 9-6 Fnatic, but the Swedes claimed the pistol round to get the better start. Fnatic took the next five rounds, putting Luminosity just two rounds away from defeat. With the tournament on the line, olofmeister won an important 1v1 clutch against fer to put Fnatic on match point at 15-7.

One round later Fnatic shut down Luminosity's force-buy to take the game, the match and the entire tournament.



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