FlyToMoon is the OMEGA League Europe Divine Division winner!

Sep 05 2020 3 min read
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It was a decent match and deserved victory

It’s Finals! Two more days of OMEGA League and you (and us, of course) will be missing those hot and mad Dota 2 games with top teams from around the world!

We’re here to send our warmest congratulations to FlyToMoon for their 3:0 win over 5men in Europe Divine Division Finals! 

Also, we want to salute this spectacular match with some analytics. Let’s dive into the events of the past few hours:

*analytics was provided by Evgeny Kondratyev.

First map

The fate of the first map was mostly decided on the draft stage. FlyToMoon chose a fairly balanced heroes roster, ready for both intense and fast play and long fights. But 5men decided to experiment, preferring an interesting but not synergistic pick.

For example, an offlane: 5men put Enigma and Bloodseeker there. Offlane Bloodseeker was a discovery in OMEGA League (thanks to zai for that). Still, its implementation was somewhat different from the actions of the Swedish player from Team Secret.

Bloodseeker is a hero who requires a lane advantage to maximize his potential. Ludwig Wahlberg actively uses Blood Rite on the lane to quickly kill enemy heroes and gain an experience advantage. The 5men players put Bloodseeker in as a four-position near Enigma, who "vacuumed" the lane with its summons. Misery didn't have much constructive work to do. Add to this that the European team had only Black Hole and Flaming Lasso among the disables. The only chance for 5men was a chock-full Medusa along with FlyToMoon mistakes.

It should be noted that the FTM players didn't play that perfect, but still did not make critical mistakes, so they won the first map.

FlyToMoon vs. 5men Map 1 statistics

Second map

In the second map, 5men took on a more straightforward set of heroes without experiments. This time Bloodseeker moved up to the third position, while Misery got Windranger. The winning lanes should have been the key to this draft as 5men's Broodmother and Bloodseeker are suitable for "snowballing," and FlyToMoon had some greedy heroes.

Unfortunately for the European team, they didn't manage to seize the advantage, and RodjER came to the fore in the midgame, very much hindering the rivals. As a result, Morphling got six slots, and the rest of the team supported him very well. It was a matter of technique to complete the map in their favor.

FlyToMoon vs. 5men Map 2 statistics

Third map

Finally, we saw how 5men take on familiar heroes without any adventures. Not a bad, balanced pick that has everything. The only vulnerability is some greed, as both Spectre and other cores need items to survive.

This is precisely what FlyToMoon took advantage of, taking a too intensive pick. Slark is much less demanding, and Invoker, Batrider, and Nyx Assassin become active much earlier than Magnus and Tiny. As a result, we saw a spectacular and aggressive game from FlyToMoon, in which it is difficult to single out any one hero. The whole team acted harmoniously and efficiently, which led to a crushing victory in the Grand Final. 

FlyToMoon vs. 5men Map 3 statistics

Congratulations to FlyToMoon on a well-deserved victory in Divine Division! 
The team will get the champion title and $50,000 prize money out if the total $650,000 prize pool.


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