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Flood gates are open: Steam approved an 18+ game

Users who opted to use “Nudity or Sexual Content” filter won’t see the game

This summer Valve announced it would stop prohibiting certain types of content on Steam. In follow up messages the company backed up that statement, saying it would block only games that are illegal or "straight-up trolling" (milking money from users). In recent days Steam started to ask users if they wanted to opt out of seeing "Nudity or Sexual Content" and "Adult Only Sexual Content". 

The first game officially featuring 18+ content on Steam is going to be “Negligee: Love Stories”. It’s release date is planned for next Friday.

I own two Steam accounts (don’t love it, long story) and one of them has those 18+ filters active. If I try to search for the title of the game from that account, Store returns only the watered down Negligee game from 2016. It also notes that the game I’m looking for was hidden.

18+ content is hardly a new concept for Steam. If you played any game of the Witcher or Mass Effect series, you witnessed scenes not suitable for young audience. Perhaps, these popular and well received games blurred the lines and forced Valve to look at moderation from a broader perspective.

Despite new rules for games, Valve doesn’t allow pornography on the video section of Steam Store. You won’t be able to find anything more erotic than Beach Volleyball Detectives in its archives.

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