Flashpoint's Promising Youngsters: Ten Under Twenties

May 20 2021 6 min read

Ten players from Flashpoint 3 who can become stars one day.

Flashpoint 3 is in full swing, the playoffs please us with a very high-quality game, giving rise to wonderful highlights and memes. The competition is very tight in the European region: some contenders for the first place have already managed to drop out, and the underdogs, in turn, are gaining momentum.

For some players, this is the first serious tournament. Of course, we refer to the young and green guys who are throwing themselves in the heat of battle for the chance to advance to the Major in August. And while unstoppable monsters like ZywOo and cadiaN are obviously top players, even they were once boys among men.

In CS:GO, youngsters are considered 16-19 years old, and as soon as teenagers launch their third decade, they become molded gladiators of the arena. It is always interesting to watch the development of certain players, especially when they are your age or even younger. What does the future hold for them? Which path will they take? When will the ZywOo-s1mple wheel turn around and a new pair of players take their places? And who will it be?

With the help of Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne, we have selected some of the best and most promising European younglings who might have golden futures. Surprisingly, some top teams already have such teen stars, although the classic underdog-born boys are also on the list. Let’s go!

Kevin “misutaaa” Rabier - 18 - Team Vitality

Playing alongside ZywOo means condemning yourself to the eternal second place in the team. And although Mathieu is considered the best CS:GO player at the moment (HLTV approves), he would never have become one without his teammates. Misutaaa made considerable merit here, yet he turned 18 years old just a couple of months ago.

Kevin played on obscure teams until March 2020 when Vitality signed him. Of course, when Nivera was signed also in the fall of 2020, Kevin was most likely a little worried, but the Belgian did not really succeed and was benched. Misutaaa, a talented and young entry-fragger, fits perfectly into the line-up and is already firmly entrenched in it.

Why him? Kevin is 18 years old, plays with the best in the world and can learn from him, he already has visible talent, which means he can grow. Yes, misutaaa cannot boast of daring clutches and high ratings, but he plays carefully, and you can't really get a lot of frags with ZywOo on your side. 

Improvements needed: Impudence. This boy has everything in order except for decisiveness. Call, shoot, lose or win: it’s either experience or victory. This is the only way to climb to the top.

Erik “ztr” Gustafsson - 17 - Ninjas in Pyjamas

It is a rare case in CS:GO when a youth team player makes his way into the main team thanks to his successes and then proves that he was worth the call. Yes, ztr’s case occurred only in February, and while NiP are having… difficulties, there are practically no questions about ztr as a player.

Erik has the makings of a leader, but the statistics are not impressive. On the other hand, as forZe’s Jerry once said, “the leader has to think too much and therefore the KDA can lower”.

Why him? The 17-year-old Swede can grow into an excellent riffler, while he has all the makings of a great captain.

Improvements needed: Time and experience. Give him… five years. He’ll grow up and will take the lead.

Shahar “flameZ” Shushan - 17 - OG

Well, this guy will definitely become a star in the future. FlameZ is only 17, and he has already declared himself. Moreover, OG depend on him a lot. The young Israeli has excellent statistics, plays confidently and well, yet sometimes makes mistakes, which can be attributed to youth and greenness.

It's not worth talking a lot about him; it’s better just to watch OG’s matches.

Why him? Shahar is probably the best player on the list in terms of potential/development rate. He is not only good, but he is also young and good.

Improvements needed: Calmness. Think the actions through and listen to teammates.

Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne

Coming into Endpoint as a player with a ton of individual skill, it was clear that flameZ had a future. Now playing under OG, we want to see him perform after a solid debut.

Martin “stavn” Lund - 19 - Heroic

Stavn is very strong, but he is also the most experienced (and the oldest) on the list. The Heroic star plays well, has excellent teammates, but he also has two paths before him: to remain with his almost native team and drag them or take the next step.

Why him? Martin has already fluttered out of the nest, he flies. But what’s the destination?

Improvements needed: Probably nothing. Stavn is a relatively well-developed and balanced player. We just recommend following him because something interesting can happen, and his career is worth watching.

Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne

Stavn initially looked like the next big star in the previous Heroic rosters, but with cadiaN and TeSeS now in the team, the pressure is off of him to be the number one player. He now has time to grow and is performing incredibly well.

Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin - 18 - Fnatic

Ludwig made it into HLTV’s top-20 two years in a row. Doesn't this highlight his talent? He will turn 19 in just a month, but sometimes it feels like he has been on the top-class stage for many years. A consistently good player with excellent stats.

Like flameZ, Brollan burns brightly but burns quickly. His team, Fnatic, like OG, were eliminated from the tournament early in the playoffs, so if you want to watch these two perform, keep an eye on other competitions. However, they are both well worth the time spent watching.

Why him? At 18 years old, Brollan is already a spicy CS player with nearly four years of experience under his belt. He was given an excellent boost, so he only has a bright future ahead of him.

Improvements needed: Nothing. Brollan shoots well, teamplays well, and has a calm temperament.

Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne

One of the most exciting young Swedish players playing in the most turbulent time for the Swedish scene. Can he lift Fnatic out of the pit of despair?

Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras - 17 - mousesports

And here is the face of the Lithuanian future. Bymas is very strong and developed, but at the age of 17 does not have an impressive experience behind him. Everything is straightforward about the boy: he has talent, and all that remains is to either reveal it or drown it. He may become a dark horse.

Why him? Aurimas is a prospect, that's for sure. He just needs to work hard and prove himself at the highest level.

Improvements needed: Skills. Bymas plays too carefully for an entry-fragger, and although he rarely dies, he doesn't kill very often either.

Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne

Touted by NiKo to be one of the best up-and-coming players, Bymas had time to shine in FaZe, but quickly found himself on the way out. Under karrigan in mousesports, Bymas performed well, but we are still yet to see what he can really do and the question now is can he do it under dexter? How high is the ceiling for Bymas?

Maciej “F1KU” Miklas - 17 - AGO

F1KU is the future of Polish CS:GO. Even though his numbers are not really impressive, he definitely has a talent worthy of participating in the Major, and he might even follow in Pasha B's footsteps.

When F1KU will be noticed by a big team and signed for development, a new star might rise high. Who knows, maybe he will close the top three in five years, along with flameZ and Brollan?

Why him? The young Pole can flare up brightly if he finds a good team. He has talent, that's for sure.

Improvements needed: Skills. Maciej is a pretty good player, but his skills are yet to be fully unleashed. Accordingly, F1KU has to work in all directions.


As you already understood, the further into the list, the more arthouse the players are. The remaining positions on the list are not the most famous, but they certainly deserve mention. All these guys showed themselves excellently during the Closed Qualifiers, although they could not break far along the ladder.

Efekan “S3NSEY” Topaloglu - 18 - Sangal Esports (Closed Qualifier)

At first glance, S3NSEY from the Turkish club Sangal is not at all remarkable: 18 years old, the statistics are pretty average, he’s not a very famous person either. But it was during the closed qualifiers that this player managed to show his best side and became the team’s leading player.

Leo “Svedjehed” Svedjehed - 17 - Lilmix (Closed Qualifier)

The 17-year-old Swede is good, and to prove it, just take a look at his team: Svedjehed is the main force of Lilmix: he makes most frags, clutches, and positive actions. However, they could not go far in Flashpoint 3 qualifiers. Leo has a heavy burden on his shoulders, but are the best of the best not forged under pressure?

Philip “Lucky” Ewald - 18 - Tricked Esports (Closed Qualifier)

Philip is a great player. He has excellent statistics, knows how to make decisions correctly, shoots accurately won’t take your mistakes easy. Like Svedjehed, Lucky is the main force of his team.


Here it is, the top 10 best young talents of Flashpoint 3. Talented, bright, strong - these guys can become stars in the next couple of years, so be sure to remember their names.


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