Flappy Bird Flew Back

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Notorious game Flappy Bird came back to mobile platforms

Flappy Bird Flew Back

Notorious game Flappy Bird came back to mobile platforms.

Korean developer Dong Nguyen has fulfilled his promise made in May and returned his game Flappy Bird to free access. However, at the moment Flappy Bird can be downloaded only in Amazon Appstore for Android, in Apple App Store and Google Play the game is still absent. Apparently, developer of the game agreed with Amazon about an exclusive release of Flappy Bird for Amazon Fire TV. It is still unknown how much time will it take for the "Bird" to fly to other gadgets.

The game came back with the name Flappy Birds Family and got a number of significant changes, including the possibility of multiplayer in "one on one" mode. In addition, gamers will appreciate the new kinds of obstacles in the form of ghosts. As for the complexity, the new-old game still can drive an impatient player crazy.

We would like to remind that earlier this year Dong Nguyen removed his creation of mobile stores exactly because of its "addiction causing”. Some gamers "got addicted" to it as to a strong drug, and some of them even smashed their gadgets because of nervous strain. We hope that this time Flappy Bird will not bring so much suffering to its fans.

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