EG vs Undying, EU, NA and CN deciders

Dota Pro Circuit regional leagues are slowly coming to conclusions and the first participants of the upcoming Major have already been determined. Some matches' intensity is overestimated to the limit since now there will be more decisive meetings and fewer useless maps. Well, let's see what matches this week are worth watching!  

Team Secret (2-3) — Team Liquid (4-1)

When: May 12, 18:00 CET

On one hand, Liquid and Alliance have almost guaranteed themselves tickets to the Major (only a miracle can stop them). On the other hand, even with the fact that the teams have the same number of points, Alliance only have to win HellBear Smashers (seems pretty easy), while Liquid will clash with OG and Secret (uh-oh). Team Secret are doing very badly: if they can't beat Liquid, they'll miss even the Wildcard. But maybe Puppey will finally turn on his magic?

Evil Geniuses (4-0) — Undying (5-0)

When: May 13, 21:00 CET

Undying are just unstoppable this season: they've lost only one map in five matches. But this week (and the next one) will be the most important for three teams in NA: EG (4-0) and QC (4-0) are just behind Undying, so a single mistake can leave DuBu's team in Wildcard instead of a granted Major pass. Do or die matches ahead.

Vici Gaming (2-2) — Royal Never Give Up (2-2)

When: May 14, 09:00 CET

While in NA the drama is all about top-3, in China there are 3-4 teams who can be relegated (as well as to get into the Wildcard though). Currently, Singapore Major champions iG are 7th, but they have two easy matches ahead. Meanwhile, VG and RNG are 5-6th, and they have a decider match, so it might turn out that one of these gangs will suffer not only a loss but a relegation (if things turn bad).

PSG.LGD (3-2) — Elephant (3-2)

When: May 16, 12:00 CET

On the other side of the group table, it's PSG.LGD vs Elephant, a top-2 decider. Whoever wins this one, will most definitely come to the Major, while the loser gets into the Wildcard. Elephant will tear their veins to get to the Major (oh yes, the ambitions).

EG (4-0) — Quincy Crew (4-0)

When: May 17, 00:00 CET

The situation here is much more complicated than in China: in North America there are three matches left between the top three teams, so losses are not considered. Do or die, part 2.


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