Five DPC Week 1 Major Matches

Apr 13 2021 3 min read

Five DPC Week 1 Major Matches ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay. The latest news on WePlay

Dota Pro Circuit is back! Another six weeks of the world's best Dota 2 esports in a non-stop mode. The first week is launching today, and here's what we have.

Europe and the CIS are opening the second season, while the Chinese teams who flew to the Singapore Major got a two-week vacation. As for the other regions, nothing special is coming up.

OG (0-0) — Brame (0-0)

When: April 13, 21:00 CET

Ana's first official match after the homecoming! This alone is enough to spend tonight watching the two-time world champions gaming. Despite the fact that OG is the favorite in this match, you should not expect an easy walk: lost game connections and a new patch can become a difficult obstacle to victory. And the ambitions Brame can also tell their own.

Team Liquid (0-0) — Alliance (0-0)

When: April 14, 18:00 CET

People tend to scold the European division for the poor results of its representatives at the Singapore Major, but the March tournament could have been a sobering shower for the teams. Tomorrow teams that came from Singapore with nothing but the experience will play against each other. In the group stage of the Major, Team Liquid and Alliance drew. Now it will be interesting to see what conclusions each of the rivals made. (0-0) — ASM.Gambit (0-0)

When: April 15, 18:00 CET

The CIS division starts with a huge one! and ASM.Gambit visited Singapore, but they did not have a chance to hold an official match. The new patch did not leave the teams time to swing, and after all, a lot will depend on this match: both teams are favorites in the struggle for tickets to the second Major.

Natus Vincere (0-0) — Team Spirit (0-0)

When: April 16, 15:00 CET

The main newsmaker of the CIS region has the renewed line-up and will play against the team which was separated from the trip to Singapore only by a tiebreak. Team Spirit looks strong (they just won Dota 2 Champions League tournament), and the Dragons obviously won't want to give up any valuable points at the very beginning of the league. After all the scandals, we can only guess about the current state of Natus Vincere, so the result of the meeting is extremely unpredictable.

The only thing that overshadows this blockbuster is the relatively early start time. Still, such a match would be worth staging at a later time, but we hope this will not affect the quality of the game in any way.

Team Secret (0-0) — Team Nigma (0-0)

When: April 17, 21:00 CET

The main match of the week! Team Secret, who received a resounding slap in the face in Singapore versus Team Nigma, who completely failed the Major and decided to replace w33 with iLTW. While many believed that KuroKy would invite SumaiL to his team, the captain decided to invite the Russian core player, who was noted for his performances for OG and

Igor can become the very missing link for Team Nigma: we know him as a very diligent player, and with an authoritarian captain, he can reveal himself in a new way. It is impossible to think of a more furious baptism of fire in the new team, and an exciting match awaits us!


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