Final Fantasy XV: Armiger Locations - Where to Find Royal Arms

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There are many special items in Final Fantasy XV which have different effects. One of them is the Armiger Weapons (a.k.a Phantom Weapons) made from the souls of Noctis' ancestors. As you can probably guess, this means that it is a king-infused blade. How cool is that?

There are thirteen of these Royal Arms in the world of Final Fantasy and all of them are hidden within the royal tombs. This indicates that finding them is no easy task. What's more, Noctis is the only one who can use them, which makes them extremely powerful. However, there is a price to be paid - using those weapons constantly drains your HP, which means that you need to do your calculations right because you might end up dead.

If you manage to get your hands on all of them, you will earn the "Fateful heir trophy" which is one of the rarest and most sought after trophies in the game. Let's take a look at all the different locations where you can find the Armigers as well as the different stats they provide. In general, most of the Royal Tomb locations where you need to go are related to the main missions of the game, which makes them easy to get. However, some that are not and this makes them kind of tricky to find.

The Sword of The Wise

The first-ever Armiger you will find is the Tomb of the Wise. In fact, you will be able to get there while doing the "Legacy quest", which is a vital part of the main story where Leonis will invite you to go to the tomb in order to listen to something there.

This event will occur shortly after Insomnia has been discovered and invaded. As soon as you go inside the tomb, look for Leide and talk to him in order to get the sword. As a bonus, you will also receive instructions on how to actually use it properly, so be sure to listen carefully. 

In terms of the stats, they are pretty impressive as well - 194 Attack, +100 HP, +30 Vitality, +30 Magic, and +30 Spirit. Not bad for just one sword.

The Axe of The Conqueror

Often described as a "wreaking havoc halberd with slow but mighty blows", the second Armiger is also a part of the main quest, making it easier to to obtain. As soon as you finish with the first one, Cor will lead you to the Keycatrich Trench which is a dungeon very close by. At the very end of it, you will see the Tomb of the Conqueror and from there, all you need to do is to go and grab the prize. Cor will be providing the key for you which will open the tomb.

The stats are as impressive as the description - 483 Attack, 60 Strength, and 80 Vitality.  

The Greatsword of the Tall

According to the story, this sword belongs to the king who was as tall as a mountain.  You will be able to find this item during the "Of God And Kings" quest which you will get from Vyv. After you get it, just follow the tasks and you will eventually find yourself in the Tomb of the Tall which is located in Fallgrove.

When going there,  prepare yourself for a nasty surprise - the tomb has been robbed! Luckily, there is a note which will direct you to the daemons of Costlemark located in the Costlemark Tower Dungeon. When you arrive, you will have to deal with a couple of powerful enemies until you can get the sword.

This is definitely a worthy item that has impressive stats as well. If you end up getting it, here are the stats - 518 Attack, 500 Health, 30 Spirit, 40% Fire resistance, 40% Ice resistance, 40% Lightning resistance and 40% Dark resistance. In other words, you will be one tanky dude which can also deal tons of damage.

The Swords of the Wanderer

These swords can be obtained while you are on the main story quest called "The Sword in the Waterfall". As the name suggests, you need to go to the dungeon which is behind the waterfall in order to get your hands on it.  Upon reaching your destination, prepare to clear your path so that you cab gain access to the Tomb of the Wanderer. Often referred to as the blades of thundering blows, they have pretty decent stats - 153 Attack, 50 Vitality, and 50 Spirit

The Mace of The Fierce

The Mace of the Fierce is known to do "crippling blows" to some of the strongest enemies in the game. It is located in the Tomb of the Fierce, hidden in a mountain positioned on the southwestern side of the world map. Unlike the previous one,  this dungeon is not a part of the main quest, which means that you need to go there specifically to get it.

Once you decide it's go-time, head to the location. From there, go to the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon and try climbing all the way up.  If you succeed, you will be able to get 334 Attack, +300 Health, and +50% Shot Resistance.

The Blade of the Mystic

The story behind this weapon is that the king used it to protect the world with the Oracle. It is located in the Tomb of the Mystic which you can find while doing the Archaean Quest. This is actually a pretty cool challenge because you will be able to fight a Titan. Other than that, it is pretty straightforward - go there, defeat your enemy and claim the prize. 

In terms of stats, you will get 396 Attack, 150 Health, 30 Vitality, and 20% Dark Resistance.

The Scepter of the Pious

This was the staff of the king who ruled this realm alongside an Oracle. Similar to some of the weapons mentioned above, this one is not a part of any main quest. This means that you will need to head over to the Malman Thicket dungeon which is located on the very west side of the map if you want to get it. It is a long journey there but definitely worth the hassle. 

Once there, you will have to deal with a strong boss, which is definitely challenging. When you are ready, go inside the tomb of the Pious. 

Even though this Staff is not as impressive as the other weapons, it still provides 237 Attack, 150 Magic, and 50% Dark Resistance.

The bow of the Clever

There it is, the first range weapon! In order to get your hands on it, you will have to go to the Tomb of the Clever. It is located at the very end of the Balouve Mines dungeon in Leide. Remember that you need to be careful because you will have to deal with a level 50+ enemy there. The fight could go for a while but if you do your rotation properly, you will eventually get him.

The bow gives you 203 Attack, 80 Magic and 50% Shot resistance.

The Star of the Rogue

The Star of the Rogue is a shuriken which "traces deadly arcs to the left and right". If you want to get this weapon, you will have to go to the Tomb of the Rogue which is in the Myrlwood Dungeon. This dungeon is located int he west part of the world map in a place called Vasperpool.

If you get it, you will earn 117 Attack, 20% Fire Resistance, 20% Ice Resistance, and 20% Lightning resistance.

The Shield of the Just

This is perhaps the strongest weapon yet, even though it is a shield. It is located in the Tomb of the Just which is inside the Thommels Glade dungeon.

If you manage to lay your hands on it, here is what you get -251 Attack, 1000 Health, -50 MP,  100 Strength, 200 Vitality, 10% Fire Resistance, 10% Ice Resistance, 10% Lightning Resistance, 10% Dark Resistance, and lastly - 10% Shot Resistance.  

The Sword of the Father

This is the final Armiger which you will get at the very end of the game. You might think that it has the best stats, right? Wrong, this is definitely not the case -  144 Attack, 100 Strength, and 100 Magic. Despite that, you kind of have to get if you collected everything until now.


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