Final Fantasy 15 - How to unlock Dungeon Locked Doors

Oct 18 2019 3 min read

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The open-world action role-playing game takes place in the world of Eos. Noctis Lucis Caelum is accompanied by his fellow companions in his quests. The entire world is dominated by the empire of Niflheim, who seek control of the magical Crystal protected by Luci’s royal family. Unfortunately, they manage to steal the precious item, which means that Noctis now has the task to return the precious item. 

Of course, as the game goes on, Noctis learns that his role is to be the True King. In fact, he is destined to use the Crystal’s powers in order to save Eos from eternal darkness.

Having said that, there are a lot of dungeons in this game which can be very fun. There are various secret doors at the end of many dungeons in FFXV. Sadly, they can not be opened normally. If you try to go near any of the dungeon locked doors, the game will just tell you that it is locked.

How to unlock Dungen Locked Doors in FFXV

In order to get the needed key to do the job, you need to beat the game. In fact, when you return to Lucis, you will have to go to the Risorath Basin which is in the northernmost part of the map. As soon as you get there, try to find Ezma who is an old lady and talk to her. She will give you a quest which can start, however, in order to do so, you need to have pretty much beaten the game and finished all the other optional dungeons in the game list.

When you start talking to her, she will start explaining to you the terrible things in the dungeons. Apart from the small talk, she will also give you a dungeon seal key, which will begin the Menace Beneth Lucis quest. In order to finish it, you will have to revisit nearly all of the dungeons and explore their deeper levels.

An interesting fact is that different dungeons require different levels. The easiest one is level 55 whereas the hardest is level 99. You can check all of the dungeons and their level requirements here:

  • Keycatrich Trench dungeon - level 55
  • Greyshire Glacial Grotto dungeon - level 65

  • Fociaugh Hollow dungeon - level 65

  • Daurell Caverns dungeon - level 72

  • Balouvre Mines dungeon - level 78

  • Steyliff Grove dungeon - level 86

  • Crestholm Channels dungeon - level 92

  • Costlemark Tower dungeon - level 99

In general, the higher the level of the dungeon, the more challenges you`ll get. Usually, there are a lot of high-level enemies, good loot and hard bosses to fight at the end of them. Also, if you are one of the players who love to learn about the history of FFXV, finishing all the quests will definitely give you more information about the history of Lucis. 

On the other hand, if you just do not care about this stuff, you might find this grind a little bit too much. Nevertheless, just give it a try, you never know, it might be interesting.


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