Final Fantasy 15: Costlemark Tower Guide

Aug 28 2019 7 min read

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There are many amazing things for you to do in Final Fantasy XV. Apart from leveling up and completing the Main Story missions, doing dungeons is one of the most rewarding activities. You will be facing some of your biggest challenges there.

Needless to say, there are many dungeons available in the game but one of them really stands out - The Costlemark Tower. Aside from being one of the hardest dungeons in the game, it is also very long because there are many floors and bosses to deal with. If you want to have a chance here, you need to be a decently high level because otherwise, things will not go well at all. 

The Costlemark Tower is a part of the so-called "Treasure beyond measure quest" you get from Dino. As mentioned above, doing it is no easy task. There are many problems involved such as entering the dungeon, finding the item which you need and then defeating the main boss -Jabberwock, who will be more than happy to snap you in half. 

Let's take a look at what you need to do so that you can finish his amazing dungeon.

Entering the Costlemark Tower

You might think that this dungeon is very similar to the others and all you need to do is just to go there and enter. Well, you are wrong because it is only possible to do this at night. If you go there during the day, the doors will be closed and you will just waste your time because there can't be opened with any weapon or other in-game tricks.

That's why you need to be at the location after 8 or 9 PM and you will see that the doors will be opened.  The dungeon itself is located near Kettler highland, so finding it should be that big of an issue. However, you need to prepare properly because it has many dangerous enemies that are all ready to kill you in an instant.

I am in, now what? - Costlemark Tower overview

Now that you are inside, you need to take the stairs which lead to one big empty room downstairs. Of course, there will be some high-level enemies there which will attack you as soon as they see you, so be sure to expect it. They do a lot of lightning damage, so equipping your lightning resistance gear will definitely be a smart move. Though, even if you don't do it, you should still be able to deal with them. 

It is very important to decide for yourself whether or not this fight was easy for you because this is the first challenge that you come across. So, if you think that this is too hard, it is definitely NOT advisable to do this dungeon at this point in time. Not only are you not going to get disappointed, but you will also be able to save some time and invest in other activities in the game which will give you more.

If you do well and decide that you have what it takes, get ready for the next room. It is right next to the one which you are currently in and there are several levels 40 enemies there. However, they are definitely a lot weaker compared to those you've just met, so you will not have trouble here. Once you kill them, take the right path and you will find a Thieves Wall II at the end of it which you can take. This item is very strong because it reduces your MP cost when you phase. Still, it can only be worn by Noctis, so be sure that you actually need it.

After that, just continue forward until you see a big room that has many stairs inside. There will also be one enemy there but he is relatively harmless so just rip through him. When you're done look to your left and you will see the Orichalcum daggers, which are one of the strongest daggers in the game. Apart from doing an insane amount of damage, they are also infused with holy light, which is very strong against the demon-type enemies which are the vast majority in this dungeon. After you get your hands on them, just go down the stairs and follow the path.

Following a couple of seconds of walking, you will go to another staircase which has a special fire magic source there. Nonetheless, it is located in a very narrow exit so you will have to find a way to actually go there. When you finally navigate through it, you will be able to get the Emerald Stone which is needed for the special "Treasure beyond treasures" quest.

After you get the Emerald Stone

When you finally get your hands on the Emerald stone, you need to take the right path which will take you to yet another amazing item - the Durandal Sword. From there, go straight until you see the big Oracle Ascension Coin at the very end of the path. Get it and then go on the left side and go down until you see two big golden doors. There is a mega-potion behind the first one, whereas you will find the Platinum Bangle behind the second one,. This is an item that increases your maximum HP, making it perfect for the situation which you are in. In addition, there will be various sources of light and ice, so you can just go and drain them because they will come in handy later on.

Once done, go forward and you will end up in a very big hallway that has a lot of strong enemies inside. Regrettably, there is no way to go through unless you kill them. When you are done, go onward until you see a bridge that will also have a very strong Yojimbo guard. This is a really tough fight so be sure to do your calculations on how to use your skills because he can easily kill you. If you manage to survive, pick up the Mega Phoenix and continue onward until you go to a room that has many signs on the floor.

Here is where it gets very interesting. In order to move past this place, you need to carefully choose where you step. For instance, the red switch is the worst because it will send you directly back to the entrance. What's more, there are many traps there as well which are hidden, so you will need some luck as well. Some of them will instantly kill you, whereas others will just push you in a small room with many monsters which will also be more than happy to kill you. Unfortunately, there is no secure way of going through here because this constantly changes. That's why it is a good idea to just go and try to move somehow until you find the safest way. It will definitely take a lot of time but there is just no other way to do it.

If you manage to pass through this hellish challenge, you will need to go to the east side of the dungeon. After a couple of seconds of running, you will reach two paths and each of them goes to a different location.  While both of them have an interesting ending, it is definitely more advisable to take the one on the left if you wish to have an easier time. The other one has more challenges ahead of it as well as tricky rooms.

The Boss Fight

Jabberwock is the main boss in this dungeon and he is the last guy you need to deal with here. He is definitely very strong but unlike some other bosses out there, there are no additional add-ons that you need to deal with, which allows you to focus purely on him. 

The best tactic here will be to try and approach him from behind so he can't block your attacks. You can also run from time to time because he is relatively slow and the arena is pretty big, thus, allowing you to abuse your speed.

If you manage to kill him, you will receive the Sword of the Tall, which is one of the Armiger weapons that we covered in the last article.  Once done, just step on the red floor and you will be teleported back to the dungeon's entrance.


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