Final Fantasy 15 - Best AP Farming Method

Aug 27 2019 6 min read

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Final Fantasy XV has many important things to do ranging from leveling to collecting some of the most amazing weapons in the game. Apart from that, getting precious ability points could just be one of the most important things, especially for the new skills and abilities you want to try out.

However, unlike the in-game experience, the ability points do not just drop randomly which means that you need to find a proper way to actually accumulate them. There are some amazing abilities you can unlock but they require you to have A LOT of AP. 

Let's take a look at how to exactly do this properly.

Getting as much ability points as possible per hour

Similar to pretty much any other game of this type, there are various spots out there where you can farm ability points. Nevertheless, a small disclaimer is needed here - this is definitely not the most interesting thing to do, so it might not be the best solution for you.

In any case, if you are interested in this, it is best if you find a group of low-level enemies you can kill very fast. The best idea will be to use Warp Strikes because you will receive one ability point for each strike, which will quickly add up. What's more, if you actually have the Holiday Pack DLC, you can also use the Fanfare gear which comes with it.

One of the best locations to do this is very close to the disc of CauthesS. If you follow this tactic there, you can earn as much as eight hundred ability power per hour as well as Gli and experience, which is amazing value for what you are doing. In order to be fast at this, you have to get the monster whistle. This is a special item that can be obtained while you are doing Chapter five after a series of quests. 

Also, let's not forget that you can get some additional ability points boosts. In our guide about how to level up fast, we put a lot of attention on this part because it is way easier to level faster if you get the maximum amount of EXP boost. Well, the ability points thingy works very similarly to it as well.

Other methods of earning ability points

Similar to how exp works in Final Fantasy XV, you will gradually build up ability points from everything you do in-game. The cool thing is that you don't need to do anything extra apart from completing the quests that you usually do. Apart from that, here are a couple of things which work wonders

Killing the proper targets while using specific abilities

One of the best ways to get as many ability points is possible is to just use some of your special moves. We already mentioned Warp Strikes above but you can also add the Link Strikes and Parry Kills to ti as well, especially if you kill your enemy with it. Despite that, the Warp Strike still remains one of the easiest and most efficient ways of doing it because it allows you to have maximum maneuver in a sense that you can easily track down your enemies' health. So, when he gets to the critical point, just use some of your abilities to finish your enemies and you will get ability points for it.

It might not seem worth it at first but believe me, it definitely adds up in the long run.

Ability Points boosting gear- how, why, when

As mentioned above, if you happen to have the Holiday Pack DLC which was free for PSN and Xbox, you will have special three items called Fanfare you can equip in the gear slot. 

The only thing you need to do is to download this Holiday Pack and you will get the following items: Blitzer's Fanfare, Warrior's Fanfare, and Tactician's Fanfare. They are up and ready for you to use but in order to get the max out of them, you need to change your fighting style a bit. In fact, they all work in different ways in terms of the ability points, so be sure to check them beforehand and see which one works best for you.

Probably the best idea will be to start with the Blitzer's Fanfare and the Warrior's Fanfare because you will always get the best rank in your battles because you will be "praying" on the low-level mobs. 

Ability points while leveling up

This is definitely the easiest and also pretty efficient way to get ability points. At the time of this article, you will get 3 ability points when you level up, which is not bad at all. Also, try doing the exp stacking combination we mentioned in our previous guide and you will see that after a couple of yours, you will be very high level and have a decent amount of ability points as well. 

Furthermore, let's not forget that you will also increase the base stats of your character while you are leveling. So, when you think about it, you are essentially boosting three of the most important stats in the game by doing just one activity.  In all cases, the end goal is the same - you need more exp, more AP and stats in order to be able to deal with the stronger enemies in the game.

Doing Tours

Final Fantasy is a very remarkable game because there are literally tons of amazing activities for you to do. However,  when it comes down to ability points, taking part in one of the many tours across the world is definitely a possibility. They are very easy to do and usually do not take that much time. Of course, some are pretty annoying but you have the freedom to choose so just avoid those.

In order to find the tours, make sure to look for the green missions in your quest book. Every single tour gives 20 ability points.

Side questing

Apart from following the main quests, there are many side quests in FFXV which are awesome. Some of them have a sort of a mini dialogue will give you added ability points and experience. Though they are pretty rare and as far as the game goes, they often switch their locations as well. This means that you just need not skip any of the side quests until you find those ones which will provide you with a little bit of extra EXP and AP.

Gladio training

Not a long time ago, we did a guide where to sleep in FFXV in order to get the maximum bonus to your EXP.  The campsites were definitely not the top choices but they are good if you want to take part in the training sessions with Gladio. Apart from having some fun, you will also get around five ability points for every tier. Of course, this is not that much but it is still a bonus you can get by doing pretty much nothing exessive.

Other types of AP activities

Aside from the methods mentioned above, you can also try to do some exploration. Sure, this is not the fasters way of getting ability points but it might be good for an occasional distraction.

Here are some of the most popular activities which will give you a decent amount of ability points:

  • Fishing - there are many different types of fishing in FFXV. The most rewarding one is when you catch a big fish. Of course, they are a lot more rare to get but each one will give you 100 AP which is a very good amount. Fishing is one of the coolest things you can do in this game.
  • Campsite visiting is also notorious for providing you with easy ability points. The amount depends on what type of campsite you visit but it is usually pretty good.
  • Road-running and Choco-bumping is also a cool way to diversify your activities. 

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