Fighting games mod roundup

Jul 20 2020 4 min read

Want some cool character crossover mods for your fighting games? Look no further than our fighting games mod roundup!

Its time once more to marvel at the skill and dedication of a select few in a new fighting games mod roundup. This week's mod roundup will cut across a couple of titles instead of being from just one game. 

The theme is gaming crossovers, so I've curated some great character mods for Street Fighter V, Samurai Shodown, Tekken 7, SoulCalibur VI, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Some times, you just want to see your favorite characters jumping genres, so I hope you find a few unlikely choices that will make you smile. 

Raiden MGSR mod

Ken x Raiden MGSR

Raiden, a.k.a. Jack, everyone's second-favorite ninja from the Metal Gear Series (Grey Fox rules), makes his appearance in Street Fighter V as a mod for Ken, and it's pretty well made. The mod's creator, xHECZx, takes his inspiration from Metal Gear Revengeance, the first game to star Raiden as the main protagonist in which he slices everything in his path to bits. He's even got his trusty sword and daggers. 

Halo 3 DOA6

DOA6 mod Halo 3 Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor

Monkeygigabuster brings us the excellent Dead Or Alive 6 mod that has Ryo Hayabusa wearing the Halo 3 Powered Assault Armor. The Ninja Gaiden's helmet even gets a little extra touch that makes it unique and in line with what you'd expect from his modern character design. He's also got his trusty sword hanging on his back. 

The mod replaces Hayabusa's Eden seaside costume, so hopefully, you've got a preference for Halo over seaside fun.

Cloud SFV mod

Cody - Cloud Final Fantasy Dissidia

Babyjoe00069 returns with another great mod, this time for Final Fantasy Dissidia NT's version of Cloud Strife. It's an excellent mod for Cody that turns him into the Final Fantasy VII hero, complete with Fenrir medallion and the right textures for his clothes. Something about the proportion of his body makes it feel like the mod better represents Cloud from the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but that's neither here nor there.

White Ranger mod

Samurai Shodown mod Kazuki Kazama as White Ranger

This mod is another one from Monkeygigabuster for Samurai Shodown. In a surprising combination, we see Tommy, the White Power Ranger, and his trusty talking sword Saba as a mod for Kazuki Kazama. Let your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fantasy go wild in feudal Japan as you take down the entire Samurai Shodown roster.

Lingering Will mod

Lingering Will for Ike

It's interesting how modder Demonslayerx8 chose to make this mod Lingering Will and not Terra in his Keyblade Armor. Considering we don't get to look into the armor, it could easily be either of them. The awesome mod takes up any single slot for adult Ike in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It shows that fans don't need to wait for Nintendo to include a Kingdom Hearts character in Fighters Pass 2 to get their favorites into Smash Ultimate. The mod also comes with a UI change and alternate from Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind.

NieR Automata N2 Mod

Soulcalibur 6 NieR Automata N2 Mod

Hardcore fans of NieR Automata will recognize this mod, and for those that don't, keep playing the game to find out who N2 is. user619 really did a great job with this one, which takes the place of the female custom character, using 2B as her base. She's also a bit larger than you'd expect. 

Female Gigas mod

Female Gigas Cosplay Mod v1.21

This Tekken 7 creation by 9876789 turns the hulking beast that is Gigas into a petite female character. The genderbend comes complete with shiny lights, body sheen, spikes, and metal plates. The mod also has a purple skin variant and can be used with any other BS7 mod.

Callie & Marie SSBU mod

Callie & Marie SSBU

While they're both separate mods, it just made so much sense putting them together. The Inkling pop duo named the Squid Sisters are almost inseparable, and their inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate wouldn't have been complete if only one of them had made it into the game. Both skins were made by the modder morelcrossing and appear to be an excellent representation of the Inkling cousins. 

Callie takes up the C06 purple inkling slot while Marie takes C03 Green. The cousins also come with their ink-compatible models and squid form texture. You can grab Callie here and Marie here.

That's it for this week's fighting game mod roundup. It was a good mix of characters from different games, and I hope you were able to add a few to your list of favorites.

Till next time, stay safe.


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