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We offer to your attention a unique opportunity to get to WePlay.TV [WPLAY] clan and become a full-fledged company commander of a wonderful team.

You are a young tankman or an experienced commander, or maybe you are a master of tactics and ideas, or you have latent talents, then we invite you to participate and try your hand in WePlay.TV stream show where you can prove that you are a true field commander.

Every Saturday at 20:00 (Moscow time) you can take part in a stream show "Field Commander", where we will randomly invite to our champion squadron one of the brave. Everyone will have only 1 attempt to show himself/herself. Try your hand shoulder to shoulder with experienced fighters of WePlay.TV.

Rules of stream show:
1. Streamer invites a participant to the squadron, where he/she (participant) personally sets the necessary for him/her technique.
2. All the participants of stream show must be in TeamSpeak at the following address:
3. Game will be held till the first defeat. After the victory the participant will be offered to choose: either to continue the game or to take the gaming gold.

(in case of defeat the participant receives sum in amount of 100 units of gaming gold, so-called "Consolation Prize")

Award is directly proportional to the results:
1 victory – 200 gold;
2 victories – 500 gold;
3 victories – 1000 gold.
If participant reaches 3 victories in a row, streamer will offer him to play "Super Game" where the participant can double his/her winnings or lose everything.

"Super Game" – 2000 gaming gold (in case of defeat – 100 units of gaming gold).

Come and show your commanding skills in battle!

For participation in our stream show you need:

1) to write your gaming nickname in the comments to a special post in our group VKontakte. (Post will be placed in one hour before the stream show);
2) to put Like under the post and share it among your friends.

Streamer will randomly chose participants online with the help of application "Выбиратель" among those who accomplished cl. 1 and 2 of these rules.

You can follow all the streams on World of Tanks on our channel


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