Festival of popular culture Kyiv Comic Con starts for the first time in Ukraine

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Ukrainian House will host a festival of popular culture Kyiv Comic Con on June 6-7.


The festival consists of 10 blocks. In movies block the presentation of the first Ukrainian film based on the comic book by Igor Baranka "Maksym Osa" and a meeting with its creators will be held. The festival will visit such science-fiction writers as Max Kidruk, Dara Korniy, Alexander Mikhed and others. In the video games block, among other things, the "The League of the Dragon" tournament based on League of Legends game will be held. Attendants will meet with the German game designer Mark Rein Hagen, creator of «Ars Magica» and «Vampire: The Masquerade». During the two days of the festival, each participant will be able to play board games (47 species) and get acquainted with new products of this industry.


The festival is scheduled presentation of comics and books, artists' workshops and award prizes to the winners of the comic book contest, which was announced by the organizers earlier. Mandatory part of the program will be a food court and a market place for specialized souvenirs shops. Children can have fun on the playground and attend educational programs.


The festival will be opened by cosplayers parade, who will receive valuable prizes for the best costumes. The main theme of the event is to create a superhero image, from ideas through literary expression in graphic and digital format, animation and 3D models to the material embodiment in the form of superhero figures printed on a 3D printer.


Kyiv Comic Con is the platform that brings together fans of popular culture in Ukraine.


Festival organizers plan to hold Kyiv Comic Con every year.


The website of the festival: http://comiccon.kiev.ua/


Where: Kyiv, Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk, 2
When: June 6-7
How much: 100 UAH. - One day ticket, 150 UAH - 2 days ticket. Entrance for children under 12 years is free (with a parent required).



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