Fernando Alonso invests in new esports racing platform

Mar 19 2019 2 min read

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You just can't stop people who were born to win, can you? Fernando Alonso, a former Formula 1 champion who's currently racing at Indie 500 (USA racing tournament), had invested into esports racing platform named Motorsport Games. It means that now we have the greatest esports titles connected — the Motorsport Network, the Le Mans Esport Series, and Nascar's eNascar Heat Pro League are currently collaborating for the greater good. 

And now Alonso, who is a true racing legend, can affect global racing companies to gather and join Motorsport Games. He had already created a special esports team. The Spaniard has had his words on the situation:

Esport is no longer a fantasy, and it’s a reality and something I have been passionate about for some time. Investing in, and helping to lead Motorsport Games will allow me to make a real contribution to this exciting aspect of motorsport’s future. Esport is not better or worse, but it is different and one of the important distinctions is that it provides a way to open up motor racing to the fans. In all aspects of my motor racing career, whether in F1, in IndyCars or last weekend in Sebring with sports cars, one of the consistent factors all over the world is Motorsport Network.

Alonso also stated that the company has excellent capability and ambitions to thrive. Still, Motorsport Games is not owned by Alonso solely — John Schappert is the chairman, the chief operating officer during the development of Electronic Arts' gaming franchises, including Madden NFL and Need for Speed. The third head is the company's president Stephen Hood — the former creative director of Codemasters' Formula 1 games. They both believe that Fernando Alonso's 'contribution and enthusiasm will catapult Motorsport Games to a leadership position in esports.'


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