FaZe Jarvis permanently banned from Fortnite for using aimbot

Nov 04 2019 2 min read

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Fortnite pro player FaZe Jarvis received a permanent ban after he was caught using an aimbot in the game. He made use of the cheat software on his second account. 

Cheating in multiplayer video games using hacks has been a long-standing issue, with developers hard-pressed to find ways to keep their games fair and cheat-free. Even with strict policies against cheaters, many players still choose to take the risk, especially in multiplayer games. 

Such was the case with FaZe Clan player Jarvis, who was caught using an aimbot in Fortnite solos and playground modes. Although it was his second account, Epic Games still dropped a permanent ban for his offense. The ban prevents him from ever competing in any Fortnite events and tournaments. 

A remorseful FaZe Jarvis posted a comment on Twitter and put up a YouTube video in which he acknowledged his wrongdoing and apologized to his fans for disappointing them. 

The Fortnite community has taken sides in the matter. Some feel Epic's permanent ban was too harsh for a first offender, while the other camp commended the developer's quick action and no-tolerance for cheaters. 

In his Twitter post, FaZe Jarvis tells fans that "this is not the end." So long as the ban remains, he will not be able to compete in Fortnite, but that doesn't prevent him from starting a new professional career in another esports title. 


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