FaZe Clan vs Tfue hearing set for November

Oct 28 2019 2 min read

FaZe Clan vs Tfue hearing set for November ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Judging by the latest Dock entries, the first significant hearing of FaZe Clan's lawsuit against Turner “Tfue” Tenney will take place on November 8.

Following Tfue's lawsuit, FaZe Clan filed one of its own. The original suit claims that the esports organisation took most of Tfue's earnings, while also forcing him to live in one of their houses and partake in activities like gambling and drinking. 

Tfue's case hinges firmly on the basis that the case be tried in California State court, where the Labor Commissioner Proceeding and LASC Action is enforced. It willjuju most likely lead to a loss for FaZe Clan and is why they are trying to have California court dismiss under non-convenes. In essence, the California Court would drop the case for it to be judged in New York instead.

The argument

Tfue's legal team argues that though FaZe Clan claims it's based in Delaware, it has its headquarters located in California and should thus be tried there. Going against their argument is the fact that Tfue's contract with the team bound under New York jurisdiction. It specifies all adjudication to be carried out in New York under New York law. 

If this does happen, then the roles will reverse and FaZe Clan's victory is almost guaranteed. That is why the defendant, Tfue, asks the court to abstain from pursuing the case and let it instead be handled under California jurisdiction. His legal team also accuses FaZe Clan of slowing down proceedings in their favour since the Labor Commissioner Proceeding and LASC Action filed in California are still in effect. 

FaZe Clan has told the Labor Commissioner Proceeding that they are entirely unavailable to attend an evidentiary hearing between November 18, 2019, and  February 16, 2020. If FaZe Clan succeeds in getting the dismissal, Tfue will be left with a feeble case to fight. 


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