Far Cry New Dawn Guide: the best perks and how to unlock them

Feb 19 2019 7 min read

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We managed to play Far Cry New Dawn for more than 16 hours, go through a campaign (not a single word about the plot, honestly!) and open almost all the perks available to the character in the game. Yes, the RPG elements were added to the shooter: character skills, weapon levels and health points for each enemy. We can’t say that all innovations are successful, but it can’t be helped. The protagonist may have a lot of perks, some of them you need more, some less. Let's figure it out.

How to unlock the perks in Far Cry New Dawn

It’s straightforward: by particular points, which are given for finding the treasure and the character level increasing. HP is earned by killing, passing missions, raids and capturing outposts.

Perks in Far Cry New Dawn


It’s a useful skill that allows you to hook the grapple to particular points on the surface and climb to different heights. It’s ideal for attacking outposts or forays for loot. It helps in the search for treasures because some of them are located in abandoned trains, caves and so on. Price - 2 points. Open it immediately.

Repair Torch

You can break open the safes and repair the transport with it. It’s the most useful skill: there are a lot of safes in the game, which often contains the most valuable titanium. Well, you should repair transport constantly, because driving along the district roads is always fraught with meetings of raiders gangs. Price - 2 points. Open immediately.

Fishing Rod

Everything is clear here: the character gets a fishing rod, which helps him fishing. It’s quite an exciting and useful activity. You can exchange a catch for valuable resources, and they are always helpful in the household, by the way. Price - 3 points, it’s not necessary to open it immediately, that's not that big a deal.


It provides the character with a wingsuit that unfolds during a fall and allows you to glide for a long distance. It doesn’t bring any special benefit, because the hero already has a parachute. But you can have fun, jumping from the cliffs on the guards' heads. Most likely they’ll kill you, but you’ll die spectacularly. Price - 3 points. You may wait to unlock this perk until the middle or end of the game.

Outdoor Enthusiast

It turns your hero into a real hunter. It’ll be easier to catch up and kill animals, and the fish will just be jumping right on to a hook, without trying to escape. You should take into account that you’ll have to do a lot for success in New Dawn - so, this skill is quite useful but expensive. Price - 7 points. You can open it if the hunt is hard.

Tactical Binoculars

It’s the most useful device: it marks the enemies in the distance and works like an improved version of the telescopic sight. When you attack outposts and forays for prey - it’s an invaluable thing. Try to unblock it as soon as possible, especially since the price isn’t that high - only 4 points.


The skill, allowing you to clear raiders' transport from mines automatically. And if you didn’t know: you can’t just steal a cool truck from gangsters. They install mines on valuable machines, and they triggered when you attempt to take the transport. Actually, the hero has his own vehicle, so this perk isn’t obligatory, although quite useful. Price - 4 points.


It automatically repairs vehicles and allows you to shoot from machine gun turrets a little longer than usual. You can take Carmina Rye to fix wheelbarrows at the beginning, and just trying to shoot more precisely from a machine gun. Moreover, you’ll have to give 6 points for the perk - it's expensive.


It reduces visibility in stealth mode, makes the sound of steps quieter. In general, the hero turns into a ninja. It’s worth purchasing if you chose the style of silent attacks and minimal fire intervention. Price - 8 points.

Lock Picking

Everything is clear, and we already have a Repair Torch, remember? The truth is that Lock Picking also allows you to open the door, and this is a handy thing. Lock Picking might come in handy during the story passage, so put off 6 points for unlocking it, don’t be a cheapskate.


This skill adds the ability to mine transport, blow up the alarm or easel weapons to the character arsenal. It's a cool thing because grabbing an outpost with ethanol is much more comfortable in stealth mode than fighting an armoured mercenary in an open attack. It’s expensive - 8 points, but it’ll benefit. Take it, when repeated assaults of key points on the map with increased complexity will begin.


It accelerates almost all missions: hacking, making ammunition, disabling alarms and so on. It’s not the most necessary skill for 7 points, so we pass by.

Locked and Loaded

Allows you to reload sniper rifle or pistol during aiming. You can do without it and save 5 points.

More Melee Weapons/More Throwables/More Light Ammo/More Heavy Ammo

Everything depends on your style in the game: if you love to throw everything with dynamite, improve this perk in the first place. If you’re the fan of rifles - grab the other. It’s merely and logical.

More Lung Capacity

You can stay under the water and continue to run a little longer with this skill. There is no difference between absence and presence of it, and we can skip it to better times even for 2 points.

More first damage

Well, it also depends on you: if you like to maul the enemy in close distance, then take these perks. If you prefer to be an attacking introvert - use your weapon.

Takedowns (Advanced, Expert, Master)

This skill is just a must-have: Far Cry New Dawn mechanics often require players to choose a more silent method of eliminating an enemy, and the perk allows you to clear the outpost without a single shot. The price of 7 points will fully pay off in the future, plus you shouldn’t forget that the skill can be improved so to kill more and tougher enemies.

Well-Armed/Heavily Armed/More Medkits

Three skills follow each other. They add the third and the fourth slot to the weapons inventory along with the extra first-aid kits. It’s clear that they are necessary and essential. The total cost is 9 points, and we take at least the first right away.

Eden Abilities

This is a special series of perks, which will go after passing one of the story missions. Let’s go through the list:

  • Leap of Faith - the character jumps higher. How this helps in most situations is unclear;
  • Ghost - reduces visibility when activated, increases the effect of stealth mode;
  • Wrath - increases damage when activated
  • Eden’s Touch - restores the health and Eden’s Gift scale during Takedowns;
  • Eden’s Gift - it improves the Gift scale recovery

Necessary perks

Short and clear list:

  • Grapple
  • Repair Torch/Lock Picking
  • Saboteur
  • Advanced takedowns
  • Well-Armed/Heavily Armed
  • More Melee Weapons/More Throwables/More Light Ammo/More Heavy Ammo

We open them first, leaving a strategic points reserve for Eden’s Gift

The gameplay will be significantly more comfortable. Good luck!


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