Far Cry New Dawn Best Weapons Guide

Feb 20 2019 5 min read

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The weapons in Far Cry New Dawn are different from the fifth part of the franchise. The RPG elements were added in post-apocalyptic DLC. Almost every species is divided into four ranks - regular, rare, epic and legendary. You have to replenish the arsenal by yourself, using the craft method on the workbenches scattered all over the map from the main workshop on the “Prosperity” base. The higher the rank, the higher the combat characteristics, it is logical. Let's find out which weapon in the game is useful to us in the first place, and which is not, how to craft it and where to look for resources.

List of weapons in Far Cry New Dawn:

  • Melee weapons - bits, pipes, shovels

  • Pistols

  • SMG

  • Shotguns

  • Assault rifles

  • Sniper rifles

  • Light machine guns

  • RPG

  • Flamethrowers

  • Stealth weapons - Saw Launcher, slingshots, bows

How to craft weapons in Far Cry New Dawn?

You’ll have to improve the workbench in "Prosperity" with ethanol, like all critical structures. And also you have to collect other materials for the weapon: gears, titanium, ingredients, and so on. Consumables are scattered around the district, so we advise you to look into the “Cartography”, located on the main base. There you can purchase valuable information about treasure caches and items with selected materials. Another way to get the large stock of spare parts for the arsenal is by helicopter raids with a pilot of the "Prosperity" expeditionary headquarters.

You’ll have to grind a lot, so search for consumables wherever you go. Do you storm outpost? Collect the spare parts. Do you see an armoured raider van on the road? Attack, kill the driver, steal the spare parts. Are you driving past a farmhouse guarded by raiders? Kill them, take the spare parts. The hunt for animals also helps in collecting the loot - animal’s skins can be changed to titanium and other consumables. Grind, grind, grind. And a little bit of rock-and-roll.

The best weapon in Far Cry New Dawn

If you are a collector and crave to get access to all the guns in the game, take our sympathies to you. You’ll have to work very hard. And if you treat this as a task to maximise the combat power of the character, then here are the assemblies that we think will be most efficient.


It’s the best assembly for the outposts assault, expeditions and other stealth missions. Take the "Heavy weapons" perk  and pick up the following from the arsenal:

  • Makeshift P226 handgun - a pistol with a silencer. It’s not practically needed but will be ok for the first slot.

  • Makeshift 45/70-T Assault Rifle or Optimized MBP .50 - rifles with a silencer. If you learn how to shoot right in the head, there will be much fewer problems.

  • Optimized Recurve Bow - the primary weapon for clearing outposts or field trips. It kills with one shot, and if you collect arrows from slain enemies, then there will be no problems with ammunition.

  • "Graffiti" M249 or Makeshift M60 LMG - weapons for the plan “B”: if something goes wrong and you have to call for real firepower.

  • Saw Launcher V.0 is a backup option if you are confident in your stealth abilities.

Drunk RocknRolla

Much ado about nothing is when you take an RPG in your hands, call Hurk Drubman Jr. as your mate and go on to make your own apocalypse:

  • "Guerilla-Gear" .44 Magnum Handgun or "Blood Dragon" A.J.M.9 - you can’t do without a gun with a powerful calibre here.

  • "Gardener's Fury" M249 Handgun or "Blunderbuss" MG42 LMG - the machine gun will be the attacker's primary weapon.

  • Optimized RAT4 Rocket Launcher or "Bison Burger" M-79 Launcher - you cannot do without a big bazooka here, too. Cool stuff and it ends with the bang.

  • Optimized Flamethrower or "Weedkiller" Flamethrower - just because it’s necessary. The maniacs don’t walk around Hope without flamethrowers. It’s not accepted there. Get used to that.

Balanced version

The latest build is suitable for any situation.

  • Optimized SKORPION Handgun - the first-slot quick-fire weapon is perfect for shooting from the cars.

  • Optimized Recurve Bow/Makeshift 45/70-T Assault Rifle or Optimized MBP .50 Sniper Rifle - stealth weapons with great one-time damage is useful in any situation.

  • Optimized AKMS Assault Rifle or LMG - a primary weapon with a plentiful supply of ammunition and good damage.

  • The fourth weapon can take either a shotgun or RPG to feel as confident as possible.

Anyway, we think that the best weapon in Far Cry New Dawn is the Bow. Then everything else goes. The last tip: don’t rush to pump only the workbench to gain access to the top weapons. The steeper the gun in your hands, the higher the overall level of opponents.


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