F.A.Q.: WePlay! Dota Underlords Open Tournament

Jul 16 2019 4 min read

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We’ve collected all the answers to the most popular questions that participants ask us in the Discord channel, on the website and on social networks. 

How to register for the Dota Underlords Open tournament?

  1. Enter Discord channel

  2. Pick the role in #roles

  3. Enter #underlords-open-announcements room

  4. Select a link with a pool to the time zone (EU or US)

  5. Follow it, register/login to Challonge, click on the button indicated in the screenshot below.

Is it possible to register in every pool that is dropped in Discord?

No. One pool (tournament on Challonge) in a time zone for a single participant.

Can I register in two time zones?

Yes. They are also called Divisions (not to be confused with pools)

What about the nicknames?

You need to have THE SAME nickname in Discord, Challonge and Steam.

What if I have another nickname or login on Challonge?

It's okay if there’s already an existing user with a nickname you want. Just change your nickname on the page of a particular tournament which you are participating in. Eyes on the screenshot:

You can change the nickname when the tournament starts any symbols can be used in it.

What happens if I have different nicknames in Challonge and Discord?

If the administration will not find you in the Discord by nickname from Challonge, you will be disqualified.

How can I find out about the start of registration?

In #underlords_open_announcements room. Only there.

Am I allowed to stream the tournament?

Anyone is allowed to stream the Open Qualifiers stage.

How will I be invited to the game lobby?

Player whose name is first on the Challonge group list will create the lobby. That player shares the lobby code in the corresponding Discord channel.

How and who creates a lobby

The player in the first position of the group list at Challonge is required to create a lobby and send the lobby password into the corresponding Discord channel. If a player is not able to do so, the next player on the list must do it.

How to copy a password

How to join a lobby

What screenshots do you need to make, when and where to send them

You need to make screenshots after each game and then send them into your group Discord channel

If one or several participants fail to join the lobby, the empty slot will be taken by Easy Bot. If four or more players didn’t join the game, the other four proceed to the next round automatically

Participants play 3 games in a row

We'll add more FAQs in time. And hey, don't be shy, just ask all you want below!

Discord channel invite

Challonge platform link

All the information about schedule, format and registration

Dota Underlords Open Announcement


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