Fantasy League: Predictions for August 15

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Welcome to our new daily column that we’ll run as The International unfolds

All Battle Pass owners in DotA2 got a chance to partake in the Fantasy League to gain extra levels.

Why do I need that?

Well, first of all, to boost your ego a bit, increase your Compendium level with the help of the game knowledge and support your favorite teams while watching the games.

How does that work exactly?

You need to build your own fantasy team by picking from all the available players every day. The roster must consist of two players on main position, one offlaner and two supports.

Players get points depending on their contribution. Finishing a tower or Roshan gets them 1 points. Each frags grants +0.3 point and one death deducts points according to this formula: 3 – 0.3 × number of deaths + 3 points multiplied by % of player involvement in team fights. Player gets +0.003 fantasy points for each killed creep, +0.002 points for each gold per minute, +0.25 points for each used rune, +0.05 for each second of stun, +0.5 points for a stack of neutral creep camp and +4 points for first blood.

There are 3 types of cards: basic, silver and gold. Basic cards give no bonuses when you get points while silver and gold ones give 3 and 5 different bonuses correspondingly. Note that not all golden cards are more useful than silver ones. For example, 20% bonuses from placing wards and creep stack are useless for the main position players.

How do you choose players?

First off, you need to pick those players who will play more matches in a day. The more matches a player will be in, the more points he will get. Secondly, it is better to look at players from the teams that are considered favorites in the upcoming matches. Rarity of cards are the last thing we need to look at.

Prediction for August 15

During the first day of group stage these teams will play the most games: iG, Mineski, PSG.LGD, Evil Geniuses, Liquid and VGJ.Thunder. Given that we don’t know how prepared the teams are, it’s better to base our decision on the results we see before The International and possible outcome of the matches to come.

Main position

If we talk about the mid players, keep an eye on SumaiL, Miracle- and Somnus. Each of them usually rakes up the biggest number of kills with low number of deaths and gains extra points for runes. Moonn from Mineski looks very promising as well. But that’s if you’re ready to risk it.


As always, there are not as many offlaners to choose from. So you’d better be picking the best one from the trio: iceiceice, s4 and MinD_ContRoL. Statistically speaking, iceiceice is the the winning pick here but other two are not that far ahead of him. It’ll mostly depend on how long the games are going to take and which heroes the teams will select. That’s why we need to pay close attention to all the contestants during the first day.


As far as the support players are concerned, those who place wards will give you the most bang for the buck – each wards grants you 0.5 points. Therefore, watch the fifth position of the teams in this category. The first ones to come to mind are ninjaboogie, Fly, xNova and BoBoKa who usually deal with wards and have the most points thanks to that.

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