Fantasy League: August 20 Predictions

Aug 20 2018 2 min read

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Group stage of The International 2018 came to conclusion and we decided to reflect on how the Fantasy League did during that period! But let’s talk about the top-5 players of August 18 which accumulated 426.2 points, leaving golden cards off account. 

Main position:

Pajjkat - 91.1

CCnC – 90.3


Fata - 70.5


YapzOr – 92.3

Puppey - 82

I would like to say right away that the huge amount of points was “kindly provided” by tiebreaker matches in the groups. Because of that, teams had to play more matches and got extra points. If you picked the best players all those days, you allegedly got somewhere around 1785.8 fantasy points without golden cards taken into account. Our predictions brought us 1570.8 points, again, without golden cards. 

Predictions for August 20 

There won’t be as many teams to pick from as before. Besides, the number of games we will be able to watch drops as well. So we can pick between these matches: Liquid vs. Optic and Virtus.Pro vs. PSG.LGD. Fantasy League will account for 2 best maps of each match. In this case it’s better to bet on the games that might run over. I doubt about the Liquid vs. Optic but Virtus.Pro vs. PSG.LGD looks very promising in this regard. Second duo’s average game duration is higher so let’s take it as a basis. 

Main position

First player we take to our team is Noone. He demonstrates an incredible play level and gets the biggest amount of points throughout entire tournament so far. Second player would be Team Liquid’s Miracle, who gets many points even in short games thanks to the stability and high number of kills.  Other honorable mentions: Somnus and Ramzes666. They might get fewer points than the first pair but can show their potential in fights. 


The most obvious pick here is 9pasha but that’s if matches with PSG.LGD would take longer than expected. As far as the number of points are concerned, Mind_Control seems to be a top pick, although he’s not so far ahead of 9pasha and 33. And lastly, the worst pick is Chalice who has the lowest stats among those four. 


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The International 2018: August 20 Match Predictions


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