Fan Creativity: PUBG vs. Fortnite

Jul 09 2018 2 min read
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Gaming community is really crafty about doing some fun and creative stuff. Gamers often create content even going beyond their favorite project like cool mods, gorgeous art, statistical analysis and all kinds of videos. Surely, fans of the most popular Battle Royale games in universe can’t stand on the sidelines.

Here’s a good example. One PUBG player developed a website and analyzed about one million matches, favorite modes of each region and many other things. The website covers a lot of statistical data: how often people play PUBG in various regions, which maps are more popular than others, how risky it is to loot drops from the plane and so on and so forth.

Turns out, Koreans and Filipinos play the shooter more than others (12,01% and 14,42% correspondingly). Players all over the world prefer landing to Erangel and Miramar (35,58% and 35,80%) while Sanhok is not that popular yet with just 28,62% of players tending to drop on it. Majority of players who like new map live in Oceania – 36,96% of gamers like mini version of battle royale. While Asia and SEA prefer tough fights on Miramar.

Meanwhile, one game map is not enough for this Fortnite player apparently. He designed a concept of desert area of lower scale. Desert Island (can’t say he’s that creative with the names though) is split into three parts connected by bridges. Players can land onto western beaches, desert on north or busy lively oases on east. The island also has some pirate ships with treasures scattered around which you’ll have to fight for. Also, pyramids are there as well, no idea why, they’re just there. Maybe because it’s a desert island, right? The concept slightly resembles Erangel from PUBG, although the map’s style is less military.


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