Fallout 76 Mutations Guide

Jan 09 2019 3 min read

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Every fan of superheroes is well aware that no mutation is donated. Having one opportunity to sacrifice some other. You can take advantage of any mutation of those that will be discussed.

These mutations can be seen in all creatures that inhabit Appalachia, and players are also susceptible to mutations. 

Mutations come with positive and negative effects, so you should know if we should hunt them or treat them.

What are the Mutations and how to get them?

Mutations are simple enough to get them, but a little harder to predict them. Mutations are a direct result of high doses of radiation. The more radiation a player receives, the more likely they will get a random mutation.

Try to get small doses of radiation, because you can choose the best option. So, if you were irradiated a couple of times with a low dose of radiation, then there are more chances for a mutation than if you get a hefty dose at a time. Use several ways:

  • Drinking dirty water;

  • Swimming in irradiated water;

  • Touching petrified corpses;

  • Staying close to chemical waste;

  • Being near nuclear precipitation;

  • Toxic monsters attack.

The mutation will continue until the level of radiation in the body of the hero decreases. The amount of radiation will depend on a particular case. Some players have recovered several times and only then picked up a mutation. And there were those who mutated after breakfast with irradiated food.

How to cure a Mutation? 

Technically, they are permanent, but they can be cured or removed if the adverse effects outweigh the positive ones. There are two ways to eliminate the unnecessary: RadAway (Diluted RadAway) or by walking under decontamination arches found in the world.

If you consider mutations to be redundant to the passage and don’t want to use their advantages, then they are easy to avoid: you just don’t receive radiation. You drink purified water, shoot dangerous monsters at a distance, and walk in protective armor. 

How to save a Mutation?

This may seem strange, but keeping the mutation may be a good idea. Sometimes the positive effects of mutations far outweigh the negative ones, the only problem is that no one wants their health to be halved due to radiation, and the use of RadAway will most likely cure you.

The only way to keep the mutation, while still being able to use RadAway, is to equip the Starched Genes Perk Card. At the 2nd rank of genes, it is guaranteed that you will not receive mutations from the radiation and that RadAway will not cure the mutation.

List of Mutations in Fallout 76

A mutation in Fallout 76 can be either a blessing of the gods of the Apocalypse, or a curse that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. One way or another, with experience one can benefit from any radiation “sore” from the list.


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