Fallout 76 guide: where to find sniper rifles

Nov 28 2018 3 min read

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Waiting until the sniper rifle in Fallout 76 accidentally falls into your hands — a thankless task. Believe us... the Random system works in such a way that from a basic lootbox a sniper rifle can go to anyone, but not you. We spent a couple of hours in the game, watched a few dozen videos on YouTube and wrote down some places where the coveted weapon appears.

Flooded Trainyard

The first rifle can be found a little to the east of Watoga at the flooded railway station (southeast part of the map). Look for the pillars that were used to support monorails — one of them has a staircase. You need to be careful in this area, since there may be enemies up to level 50 nearby.

Red Rocket Mega Stop

Second place with a sniper rifle is the Red Rocket workshop, located northeast of Sunnytop. There are no guarantees the right weapon can be found, but there is always something interesting in the town. Look for the building on the south side of the location. You'll have to get there through the roof. There will be a skeleton upstairs and (possibly) a powerful rifle with a telescopic sight.

Mole Miner Tunnel

To the north of Sunnytop, on the east side of the map, you can find another sniper rifle. Move southeast from the Palace of the Winding Path. Look for the outpost at the tunnels' entrance, get rid of enemies, and then carefully inspect the area. Not far from the big barrel can spawn a rifle with a sight. Sometimes there drops a shotgun, sometimes a hunting rifle. If you come across the wrong weapon, leave the area for a while and go back.

Rifles in supply boxes

If you play with a team, it is easier for you to hunt for supply boxes that occasionally spawn on the map. Most often they drop in danger zones full of hostile monsters, moreover, other teams may come after them, but mostly — content is worth it. The last way to get a sniper is to modify a hunting rifle in the workshop, attaching a sight to it.


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