Fallout 76 guide: Vaults 94, 96 and 63

Dec 06 2018 2 min read

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Fallout 76 has a lot to do with Vault 76: the main story is constantly moving around it and you would think that this is the only stronghold of civilization in all of Virginia. That is not so true: there are three more vaults hidden in the Wastelands, each with a unique inner world.

Unfortunately, these vaults are not opened yet. Bethesda plans to unlock access in upcoming months, but for now, these places and what is hidden in them remain under the cloak of secrecy. Nevertheless, we must be prepared. They could be opened very soon and we will tell you right now how to find them.

Vault 94

This Vault is hidden to the east of Pumpkin House, north side of Wild Frontier. You have to go deeper into mountains and find an entrance with a white coloured welcoming sign. See the screenshots.

Vault 94 was sealed during the Great War of 2077 and reopened a year later to send ambassadors to Appalachia, where they were to serve as missionaries and help the survivors. At the beginning of the game, the vault closed again and it would be possible to get there only with the access codes from the missionary envoys. 

Vault 96

Vault 96 is located to the south of the previous one in the Wild Frontier area. Find a green tower in the forest area and head south to the point marked on the screenshot. The bunker was sealed during the Great War, and it remains closed until now.

Vault 63

Finding Vault 63 could be difficult. First, you need to go to the southern part of the Slag Abyss and try to find the hidden entrance at the hut. House stands on the road, that leads to the Hornwright Test Area #3. There is a terminal behind the door, where you can find information about the hidden vault.

There is a slot for memory cards nearby, which accepts the identification card to access Vault 63, the resident card and the attendant's card. These items are currently not in the game.


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