Fallout 76 Guide: Power Armor Locations

Nov 22 2018 4 min read

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Lurking through the Western Virginia wilderness, you will often encounter abandoned power armor and its components. This is a high-level special-purpose equipment that can be enhanced by individual elements. Power armor is available at level 40, so novices will not be able to use it. However, this does not mean that the found armor or its search should be ignored until the cherished level. 

A tiny lifehack: remove additional elements, leave only chassis — we still get a tangible increase in protection and capacity. Equipment is available as long as you keep it in your inventory or in your own vault. The complete set can be assembled in advance: you can proudly pace in ready-made armor at level 40. Now we will tell you where to look for power armor in Fallout 76 and how to assemble it.

Looking for armor is worth your time and nerves, because without it you will be just a whipping boy among experienced Fallout 76 players. Moreover, you won't get into serious danger, as we picked up locations near Vault 76, where other newcomers usually roam. It is worth warning that sometimes there will be nothing at the indicated points - this means that someone managed to pick up armor earlier. It's okay, you just have to wait and return to the location a little later.

Portside Pub / Mama Dolce's Processing Plant

The first set you see is located east of Vault 76. This is an area that looks like a railway depot on a map. Power armor lays at warehouse south of Portside Pub (which, in turn, is located west of the plant). Screenshot shows the spot.

Warehouse is full of traps, so be careful. You can take the stairs and get into the building from the roof to avoid danger. Avoid explosive traps that react if you step on them (thx, CO).

Morgantown Trainyard

This spot is quite close to Portside Pub, northwest of it. The set of equipment at the location is one of the most affordable, so be prepared for the fact that you will not find anything there on the first attempt. And with the second one too.

Pay attention to railway carriages marked "USA Star", standing right at the entrance to the station. The one you need is just below the rusty crane near the east side of the main warehouse. Armor is inside, to the left.

Gorge Junkyard

Next power armor is located at the dump east of Vault 76. At the very beginning it will not be possible to get it, because access is blocked and it can be unlocked only with level 3 lockpicking. Try to maximize Perception, may be you'll get a few cards with the Lockpicking perk.

Once you complete all necessary requirements, go to the site and look for a green truck with a trailer somewhere at the trash. It is located south of the red ship near the tiny hut. Armor is waiting right over there.

Aaronholt Homestead

It will be a bit easier to get the armor here - the lock is only first-leveled, but it is still more than zero, so make sure to pump your character with required skill. The spot is located a bit further on the estate itself, to the northeast of the Ferris wheel. Armor lies in a hut next to three large silos. The area is full of giant bugs, be careful!

A few more tips

You can repair armor in your camp or find special stations marked with a yellow icon on the map. By the way, it is allowed to change the appearance of the armor to suit your taste in the same place.


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