Fallout 76 guide: legendary weapons

Nov 24 2018 4 min read

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Fallout 76 had a very rocky release: the game turned out to be very raw and the developers in a short period of time pushed out 2 massive updates, forcing players to additionally download batches of 30 and 40 gigabytes of data.

The ninth installation of Fallout brings players to Appalachia in 2102. West Virginia has completely transformed and now it is a region populated by mutants and plagued by radioactive waste. The player needs to be always ready to be attacked by the various enemies. The easiest way to do it is to find legendary weapons buried in the wasteland. Let’s pinpoint the best places to look for those weapons.

Legendary weapons in Fallout 76

The unique collections of weapons can be found by finishing daily quests and side quests, as well as through the in-game events. Legendary weapons are different not only cosmetically, but it also has bonus buffs and gives you additional leverage against the post-apocalyptic critters.

Automatic weapons

Anti-Scorched Training Pistol

  • Bonus: 25% more damage against scorched and 20% less against everything else.
  • Place: Can be obtained during Into the Fire quest in Charleston. The gun lies in the Charleston Fire Department.

Perfect Storm

  • Bonus: Incendiary bullets deal 24 burning damage over 3 seconds.
  • Place: Finish Cold Case Quest or look for the weapon in the Toxic Valley (Wavy Willard's Waterpark). Talk to Miss Annie who is sitting near a gigantic dead crocodile.

Heavy weapons

Bunker Buster

  • Bonus: +20% damage.
  • Where to find: Finish The One of Us Quest or look for the weapon in Whitespring South to Top of the World.


  • Bonus: 90% lighter than regular Fat Man.
  • Where to find: Finish An Organic Panic quest.


  • Bonus: Target’s damage is 20% lower for 3 seconds.
  • Where to find: finish Tracking Unknown quest or look for the weapon at Harpers Ferry (Swamp) west to Vault 76.


Somerset Special

  • Bonus: .44 pistol with a scope.
  • Where to find: Back on the Beat event

Voice of Set

  • Bonus: .44 pistol with additional electric damage vs. Robots.
  • Where to find: finish additional Prototypical Problems quest and listen to Holo Tape Voice of Set when you’ve started Novice of Mysteries quest.

Exotic weapons

Paddle Ball

  • Bonus: Can be made deadly with modifications
  • Where to find: Purchase it from Mr. Fuzzy In Camden Park.

Rose’s syringer

  • Bonus: Makes the target very powerful for a minute and inhibits it for the next minute.
  • Where to find: finish Flavors Of Mayhem quest

One-handed melee weapons

Ancient Blade

  • Bonus: Increased melee damage
  • Where to find: Start Breach and Clear quest

Camden Wacker

  • Bonus: Increased melee damage
  • Where to find: Purchase it from Mr. Fuzzy In Camden Park.

Grant’s Saber

  • Bonus: Increased melee damage
  • Where to find: Finish Forging a Legend quest. Listen to the ‘Blade of Bastet’ holotape to begin.

Meteoric Sword

  • Bonus: +10% Damage to Humans, -90% Weight, +50% Durability
  • Where to find: finish Lode Baring quest.

Two-handed melee weapons

All Rise

  • Bonus: -90% Weight, +10% HP
  • Where to find: Finish Mayor of a Day quest.

Black Diamond

  • Bonus: +1 Strength
  • Where to find: Finish Flavors Of Mayhem quest or find it on the Beckwith Farm, West Tek research facility or Monongah power station.

Blade of Bastet

  • Bonus: Better Weapon Penetration
  • Where to find: Finish Forging a Legend quest, listen to Blade of Bastet holotape to start it.

Ranged weapons


  • Bonus: None
  • Where to find: In Camden Park during Mistaken Identity Daily quest play Dross Toss.

Pumpkin grenade

  • Bonus: Creatures hit by explosion take increased damage for 5 seconds.
  • Where to find: Finish Trick or Treat Daily quest.

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