Fallout 76 Guide: best builds, leveling and SPECIAL Perks

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Fallout 76 Guide: best builds, leveling and SPECIAL Perks

The best builds to survive Appalachia wasteland.

The leveling system in Fallout 76 hinges on SPECIAL attributes and Perk Cards. Each attribute improves specific stats and allows to use corresponding Perk cards with special abilities.

These are the Fallout 76 attributes:

  • Strength. Increases the damage from melee attacks and the amount you can carry.
  • Perception. Increases accuracy of the VATS targeting system and improves awareness.
  • Endurance. Increases the number of hit points, prolongs sprints and improves disease resistance.
  • Charisma. Improves various benefits from playing in a party.
  • Intelligence. Improves the condition and durability of your hardware and is useful for crafting.
  • Agility. Affects how many Action Points you have and the ability to sneak undetected.
  • Luck. Gives better loot and increased recharge of Critical Hit Rate.

You need to be extra careful while allocating the SPECIAL attributes to the character because there is no way to reset it, yet. According to Bethesda, there will be such an option in the future. At the beginning of the game, you get one SPECIAL point for each attribute and an extra point for each level until you gain level 50. This means that the max amount of SPECIAL points you get is 56. Each attribute is capped at 15 points.

As your character gains a higher level, he/she gains access to additional Perk cards. Unlike SPECIAL points you can use Perk Cards situationally before a battle or when you need to hack a terminal and then switch to the regular build.

Let’s take a look at some popular and effective builds.

Popular Fallout 76 builds

Carry the big guns

This build is meant to make you a one-person slaughter machine. The build is a perfect fit if you don’t like to sneak up on your enemies and prefer to take the damage in your chest bravely. Strength is maxed out to be able to carry the heavy weapons and armor. Intelligence is essential to keep the hardware intact during the prolonged battles along with First Aid to increase your survivability.

This build isn’t easy to execute, and it requires high-level perks, but when nailed it’s very satisfying.

Strength – 15
Suggested perks:
Blocker (3)
Bullet Shield (3)
Heavy Gunner (3)
Expert heavy Gunner (3)
Master Heavy Gunner (3)

Perception – 1
Suggested perk:
Fortune Finder (1)

Endurance – 2
Suggested perk:
Rejuvenated (2)

Charisma – 10
Suggested perks:
Lone Wanderer (3)
Suppressor (3)
Tenderizer (3)

Intelligence – 15
Suggested perks:
Stabilized (3)
Portable Power (3)
Power Patcher (3)
Power User (3)
First Aid (3)

Agility – 4
Suggested perks:
Action Boy/Girl (3)
Adrenaline (1)

Luck – 9
Suggested perks:
Luck of the Draw (3)
One Gun Army (3)
Bloody Mess (3)

The Lonely Sniper

This build is designed to help you survive both the battles and the perilous Appalachia wasteland. You don’t need any help and can rely solely on your own skill to kill a radioactive enemy from a safe distance. Perks like Good With Salt, Lead Belly, and Dromedary allow you to sustain longer while traveling the open world.

Strength – 9
Suggested perks:
Pack Rat (3)
Scattershot (3)
Shotgunner (3)

Perception – 14
Suggested perk:
Tank Killer (3)
Rifleman (3)
Expert Rifleman (3)
Master Rifleman (3)
Sniper (2)

Endurance – 8
Suggested perks:
Lead Belly (3)
Thirst Quencher (3)
Dromedary (2)

Charisma – 3
Suggested perk:
Lone Wonderer (3)

Intelligence – 6
Suggested perks:
Gunsmith (5)
Licensed Plumber (1)

Agility – 10
Suggested perks:
Action Boy / Action Girl (3)
Born Survivor (1)
Escape Artist (1)
Sneak (3)
Covert Operative (2)

Luck – 5
Suggested perks:
Good With Salt (3)
Starched Genes (2)

The Melee Brawler

Do you like hurting enemies at melee range with blunt weapons or bare fists? Life is so easy when each foe is just a punching bag, and you don’t need to apply complex strategy fighting the Appalachia inhabitants. This build relies on your ability to survive a lot of attacks and deal massive damage yourself.

Strength – 15
Suggested perks:
Barbarian (2)
Blocker (3)
Incisor (3)
Iron Fist (3)
Martial Artist (3)

Perception – 4
Suggested perk:
Refractor (4)

Endurance – 15
Suggested perks:
Adamantium Skeleton (3)
Ironclad (5)
Lifegiver (3)
Radicool (1)

Charisma – 6
Suggested perks:
Supressor (3)
Tederizer (3)

Intelligence – 5
Suggested perks:
First Aid (2)
Nerd Rage (3)

Agility – 11
Suggested perks:
Action Boy / Action Girl (3)
Dead Man Sprinting (1)
Dodgy (3)
Moving Target (3)
Adrenaline (1)

Luck – 3
Suggested perk:
Bloody Mess (3)

Is there a useful Fallout 76 build you would like to share? Write about it in the comments.

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