Fallout 4 - Where to find Dogmeat armor

Jul 09 2019 2 min read

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The post-apocalyptic game Fallout 4 received many positive reviews from critics and players alike. Not only is the game very interesting to play but it also has a lot of player freedom, world depth, crafting, and soundtracks. Having said that, the different kind of Armors are also among the most interesting thing to collect in the game itself.

The player in Fallout 4 takes control of a character who is referred to as the Sole Survival. He emerges from a long-term cryogenic stasis in Vault 111 which is an underground nuclear fallout shelter. After witnessing the murder and the kidnap of his son, hie ventures into the Commonwealth to search for the missing child. There, you will have the chance to explore the world, do various quests and help out different factions. 

There are also many new features such as the ability to develop and manage settlements. In addition, there is an extensive crafting system where you use materials which are savaged.

Here is where you can find the Dogmeat armor, which you can use to equip your companions. In fact, there are many different kinds out there but the Dogmeat is probably the most famous of all. Sadly, those type of companion armor only delivers a cosmetic change rather than anything else. They are unable to provide any protection for your companion. 

How to get it and how to equip it

There are a couple of Dogmeat's Armor items out there. However, you will able to get it most often from the Super Mutants or the Raiders. Whenever you see them, just take it off their dogs and give it to yours.

After you have done this, you need to equip it, which is actually very easy to do.  First, you will need to open the trade tap with your companion. Then, select the item you would like to give and press a different key depending on your platform. For a PS4 its the Triangle, for Xbox One - Y and for PC - T.

It was rumored that these pets armors are subject to change in the future and they should start to provide some stats. This is definitely going to be a very welcomed change but as for now, it is what it is. At least the game gives you an option to change something, which is still a plus because not every game does that.


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