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Aug 07 2019 2 min read

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There are a lot of mercenaries in Fallout 4 who make the game a lot more interesting to play. Having said that, Robert MacCready is probably the most famous ones. He is a mercenary sniper in the game which you can even recruit as a companion in order to use him throughout the game when needed. Not only is he fun to play with but he is also very useful. However, you need to be constantly aware of his position because he tends to be in some pretty awkward spots from time to time.

Robert MacCready is a mercenary sniper in Fallout 4 that you can recruit as a companion to use throughout the game. He can be of great use, provided you’re in the mood to think about his positioning.

Rober MacCready 

Let's have a quick fact check about Rober. He is a human male located in Goodneighbor (The Third Rail). You will first meet him during the quest called "Long Road Ahead". His per is very strong and it's called Killshot. Now that we cleared that out, let's take a look at how to recruit MacCready and how his perks and abilities will help you.

His Location & How to get him

Like I mentioned above, MacCready is located in the city of Goodneighbor, which is very close to the coast. When you enter the city, you will find a couple of buildings as well as vendors who just stay around. Try looking for the Third Rail bar and go inside in order to find Robert. If you are lucky, you will find him speaking to some other NPC's which will make your life easier.

Similar to other mercenaries, you need to pay him some cash in order to recruit him. The amount depends heavily on your charisma but it can vary from 200 to 250 bottlecaps

Robert's Abilities, Perks and improving your relationship with him

Rober is a good shooter which means that he comes with an equipped sniper rifle and infinite ammo. In addition to that, he is also pretty good with other weapons, even though he definitely shines the most with his rifle. In terms of perks, Killshot provides a 20% chance of headshots in VATS.

In terms of romance, he will start liking you more when you finish his quest.


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