Fallout 4 curie location - where to find Curie?

Oct 18 2019 2 min read

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One of the newest additions to Fallout 4 is the various companions available for you to get. One of the most famous and, arguably, the most interesting ones is Curie. It is basically a Mr.Handy robot and also one of the most famous companions in general in Fallout 4. Apart from being well-armed and good at science, she is also very cool looking. This makes this companion a great choice for the so-called "low intelligence builds".

Let's see how to actually recruit Curie and what to do in order to improve your relationship level with her.

Curie's Location and Details

In order to find Curie, you need to go to one of the Vaults. To be specific, it is Vault 81 where she stays in the lowest floor of the secret part of the vault. Having said that, here some important things you should know about her.

  • Her name is Curie and she is a Mrs. Handy Robot Medic located in Vault 81.  
  • The first time you`ll see her will be in the quest called "Emergent Behaviour".
  • It is possible to have a romantic relationship with her.
  • Her perk is called Combat Medic.

Ok, so, how to actually "get" her?

Here are all the needed steps to take in order to win Curie:

  •  First, as soon as you get into the vault, you have to let Austin take you on a tour. It might be a little bit annoying but it is necessary.
  • Once you get into the classroom, try talking to Erin. He will tell you some stuff about his missing cat.
  • After that, talk to the everyone who is in the reactor and try to get Erin's cat back. As soon as you're done head to the infirmary and start doing the quest called "Hole in the Wall". 
  • Curie should be in the room with the cure, which means that you need to tell her that you're from the Vault-Tec security.
  • Finish the quest.
  • After you do all the above, she will ask you to travel with you in order to explore the world. 

Curie's Perks and Abilities

Her abilities are very interesting in comparison to some other companions out there. First, she is armed with a laser pistol which has infinite ammo and does significant damage. Apart from that, she has medical and science skills which are yet again perfect for the low intelligence builds.

In terms of perks, Combat Medic heals you 100 hp if your health falls below 10% once a day.


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