FACEIT Major 2018 player solved the low FPS issue

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Hacked his way up to 300 frames per second

compLexity Gaming’s player Jacob “yay” Whiteaker tweeted he managed to locate and fix the low FPS issue that FACEIT Major – London 2018 machines have been experiencing. As he said, PC cases get overheated and throttle CPU down, providing his PC settings to help others. 

Major’s preliminary stage took place September 5 to 9. On the first day, the organizers delayed start of tournament due to some game client issues. First round game between compLexity Gaming and Astralis had to be moved to September 6 because the venue had no internet connection. Match between Space Soldiers and Renegades was stopped as there were some technical issues, teams had to wait for another half an hour. Overall, I am sure you can see where I am going – it was a mess!  

On September 8, the orgs replaced PCs with more powerful ones to have 240 FPS in the game consistently. However, the next day we saw a wave of complaints about the sound issues rising, they got fixed only by September 11. 

The main stage of FACEIT Major: London 2018 will take off on September 12 and last until September 16. Eight teams from the preliminary stage will join eight participants ELEAGUE Major 2018 Playoff. The squads will fight by the swiss system and half of them will advance to next stage. 

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