EVOS Esports: "Nobody wants to play with you, if you're toxic"

May 28 2019 6 min read

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Tug of War: Dire started yesterday! The teams from America and Asia had great battles with impressive results. EVOS Esports has shown two spectacular victorious games against Geek Fam. Recently we've talked with Adit "Aville" Rosenda (hardlaner) and Muhammad "inYourdreaM" Rizky (carry) about their expectations from our tournament and future goals for the team. Aville is the captain of EVOS Esports, and he is well known for his strategic draft and wise decisions. inYourdreaM (former Fnatic, BOOM ID and Tigers player) became the first player to reach 9000 MMR by exclusively playing on the Southeast Asia servers on April 27th 2017.

What does participation in WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Dire mean to you? Do you have specific goals? 

Aville: We're very proud to be in this tournament because of a lot of big teams (I mean, SEA). Our goal is to do our best. We aren't expect anything, because we can get upset if reality doesn't meet our expectations. 

Are there any teams you want to play against?

Aville: We want to focus on  TI Qualifiers after this tournament, so every single team from SEA is really important to us. 

inYourdreaM: Most of all, we want to play against Geek Fam, because we're so curious about their playstyle. Also, they're changing their roster on Major Qualifiers, and we just lost them.  

What is your team's primary goal for this year within and beyond the DPС season?

Aville: Our primary goal is The International 2019. inYourdreaM is a new player in EVOS Esports who joined about one month ago. We didn't have enough time for practice, so we get used to each other and our playstyle. Our main goal is to qualify for The International. And I think this tournament [WePlay! Tug of War: Dire] is pretty interesting, because we've a lot of Tier-1 and Tier-2 teams here.

When you train against other teams, what do you focus on more, the individual skill of the players, or the team play?

 Aville: We're focusing on everything: our skill, team play, and we're building our chemistry as well. 

inYourdreaM: We have to work on our communication because we do not know each other very well.  

Could you name five heroes that are the worst to play against in the current competitive meta?

inYourdreaM: Maybe, it's Wraith King. He needs level 7, and he can get Tier-1 tower fast with his third skill. If he gets this T1 tower quickly, then it would be hard for us to control the pace of the game.  

So, it's a good hero?

inYourdreaM: [thinking] I think so, too. 

Which hero should not be picked?

Aville: Dazzle; Legion Commander - she is strong on the lane, but it's too risky to play in the late game; Viper - he's useless for me; Ogre Magi.  

inYourdreaM: Sand King.

Why do you think the push strategies have fallen out of the spotlight? What could be done to bring them back?

Aville: There's been a lot of nerfing to that strategy. The towers are getting stronger, the armor [buff] getting bigger, etc. Usually, if you want to push, you take all the towers, but the enemy can still compete for the shrine. It's getting harder now.     

What do you think about aggressive triple-lanes in the current meta? If, in your opinion, it's too strong or too weak, what could be done about it?

inYourdreaM: I think, the purpose of trilane is that everyone plays do aggressive. I watched NiP, or maybe OG did it. But basically, they never do aggressive triple-lanes. We did it a lot.

Aville: For me, it's the bounty rune mechanics and creep denying. A couple of patches ago, if you deny a creep, the denyer gets the XP. But now if you deny the creep, the enemy still gets 40% of the XP. Solo offlaners still get the XP unlike it used to be. So, we played 2vs2 before, but now the XP mechanics is like it used to be. I think the offlaner can play solo again, and the enemy could play three. 

What do you think about The International being held in China this year? Should Valve move the location to different regions each year?

Aville: I think it's really good that TI move every year and every region. Last year there were a lot of events in America. So, it's better for us that TI gets moved.

inYourdreaM: [interrupting and laughing] Actually, it's better if TI were held in South-East Asia. 

Aville: Yeah, it's a good balance, when TI moves every year for every region.    

Dendi recently said that with each patch, Dota 2 is getting easier for the mid-players and they need to think about the team play more and more. Do you agree with that?

inYourdreaM: Because of the current meta, you don't need as many items as a mid-player. You need levels. There is always a rotation before the five minutes bounty runes. A mid-player is always prepared for that: when it's 4:45, he goes to the bounty rune and tries to take it. The bounty rune is much more valuable than just farming creeps waves. After contesting the bounty rune, you can make some plays with your team. It's much easier when you've counter-picked your enemy.

Aville: For me, it's the XP distribution from level 1 to 6. It's easier now to get level 6. If midlaner gets to level 6 faster, then the game goes faster. You try to gank and kill your enemy. The game becomes more fun.       

inYourdreaM: Also, they buffed Tome of Knowledge in this patch, right? For example, some players may think: "Oh, we got Nature's Prophet, we give him a Tome of Knowledge. He gets level 7 and pushes all the towers." And the game will end [laughing].

Do you consider any new heroes to add in your roster because of the Aghanim's Scepter patch?

inYourdreaM: I think it will bring Axe back in the meta. Maybe, Phantom Lancer or Luna and Weaver, too. 

And what about Zed (the Arc Warden)? He can now spawn runes and staff. 

inYourdreaM: Yeah, I've played him. It's very interesting, and you can spawn the power runes near him [laughing].

Aville: I think Scepter is a late item. When you have six items and buy Scepter, then consume it - it's going to be the seventh item. It will take, probably, a 60-minute game.

What do you think a pub player should do to become noticed by a professional team?

Aville: You should be a top-10 on the board [ladder - ed.]. It would be easier to be noticed by a professional team if you are in top-100 at least.

inYourdreaM: Pro-teams are always watching how the player understands the mechanics of the game. I was recruited to Tigers because of that. One guy from that team told me back in the days: "Oh, you play like this. We need a guy like you in our team. Can you play with us?". Top-10 is not always effective. It's about the mechanics, and not being toxic. If you're toxic, then nobody wants to play with you, especially in SEA pubs.

Would you like to give any shout-outs?

Aville: To the EVOS fans, especially in Asia. Thank you for supporting us until now. I hope we can qualify for TI. I want to let you know that we'll always do our best.

Thank you for your time, and we wish you the best luck! 

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