Evolve gets a new Arena Mode in free update

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Forget stalking your prey. Forget the sneaky cat-and-mouse creeping around on planet Shear. If you just want to get your claws dirty from the get-go, you’re gonna love Evolve’s newest free update: Arena Mode.


Rather than forcing you to track a slavering monster through forests, industrial complexes and cramped alleyways, the latest free update for Turtle Rock's 4v1 shooter Evolve cuts out a lot of the legwork by trapping you in an enclosed space with it.


The new Arena Mode places five “fixed domes” on each of the 14 maps in the game, creating a total of 70 arenas in which Monster players can take on the the Hunter team.  



“At the start, you select a map,” the developer explains, “then you’re in for a best-of-three series of hardcore firefights. The Monster and Hunters are locked in that dome until one side is eliminated. After that match, you immediately jump to another dome on the same map for round two – that continues until there’s a victor.”


Monsters will jump to the fairly evenly-matched rank 2 straight off the bat, and can devour wildlife in order to heal up and even reach rank3 (otherwise known as GOD MODE) if they're lucky. If you die you're out for the count, and while Hunters can't switch up perks between round, Monsters can.


Should make a nice change if you're tired of the cagey opening rounds in most Evolve matches, and you can't complain at the low, low price of... nothing. It sounds like Turtle Rock has more free content in mind, too.


“Obviously, if you’re looking to get competitive with Evolve, something like an Arena Mode is going to be awesome to play – or watch. That’s just a taste of things to come,” the team writes.



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