Everything we know about the new LoL champion

Jan 02 2019 2 min read

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In August 2018 Riot has published an update on Champion Roadmap at their website, where LoL's developers post articles about upcoming updates, new champions and client reworks. Riot wrote some common stuff, nothing specific, but only uploaded a picture of 'another champion locked away, with no release date in sight…'

Since then there was no news but only rumors. Riot kept the silence.  And recently, there appeared a post on Reddit at LeagueOfMeta by the same person who has leaked Urgot's details in 2017. It has been removed quickly by the administration due to lack of evidence, but a French media Millenium caught a screenshot and showed it to the world.

Still, this is just a leak — we are not confident that the information below is all true. 

Our new champion is someone armed with chains (o rly?), a top-laner with a Q-spell that whips a target up into the air and toss in a short distance. Ultimate spell is an AoE flip, looks familiar to Gnar’s Ultimate, except it's a flip instead of a straight toss. That's all we've got about the champion.

Also, some info from the leak: 6 new Star Guardian skins, Pig's Year themed skins for Sejuani and Tahm Kench, new looks for Kha’Zix, Rengar, and Ivern; Kayle's Ultimate is similar to Aatrox’s but ranking it up improves other abilities, leveling up changes Kayle’s appearance; Morgana's W-spell now has charges and can ground enemies; Volibear is now a Juggernaut and his Ultimate coats him in lightning, making him unstoppable and stunning nearby enemies.


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