EU and CIS qualifiers to WESG are over!

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20 teams are flying to Kiev next week to fight their way to global finals

Combined EU and CIS qualifiers to World Electronic Sports Games of this year are over. Now we know names of 20 teams that are going to LAN-finals to Kiev, Ukraine.

From 6th to 10th of October, twenty teams will fight for a $75,000 cash prize as well as one of the eight spots at WESG Global Grand Finals. The qualifiers that started more than one month ago featured 182 teams battling for the pride of their countries.

Among the winners you'll see some popular Dota2 names like, for instance, 6 winners of TIs: Dendi, ArtStyle, Akke, EGM, Loda и s4. The TI6's runner-up, Resolut1ion, is on the list as well.

Ukraine winners:
Team Ukraine: Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok, Daniel 'Dendi' Ishutin, Victor 'GeneRaL' Nigrini, Andrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko, Ivan 'ArtStyle' Antonov
Ne RusЬ: ARTES, Pikachu, bd1sh, orbita, CaptainLove

Russia winners:
Comanche: Chappie, iLTW, XaKoH, Chuvash, Misha
Fantastic Five: Ilya 'Illidan' Pevcaev, 633, L0lik_O, Roman 'rmN-' Paley, Vladimir 'yol' Basov

You can find the full list of WESG finalists on the official website.

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