EternalEnvy leaves coL and forms a new squad

Nov 16 2018 2 min read
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Kyle Batista the CEO and GM at compLexity Gaming released a video where he explained the changes in the team Dota 2 roster. Here is the main part of his message:

"At their request, we’re releasing EternalEnvy and Sneyking. We’ve had a great time working with these people for the last couple of months, but unfortunately, our visions just didn’t align for the future. We’ve tried working through it, making compromises here and there, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough…

We’re not gonna be moving forward with Skem. We are going to be moving him to the bench and helping him to find a new team in the Dota scene. There have been some concerns over recent event that he’s not gonna be representing our brand in the right way..."

Mr. Batista didn’t mention it, but Skem has been involved in a recent controversy caused by his racist remarks. During a match between coL and a Chinese team called Royal Never Give Up Skem typed in the all chat “Gl chingchong”, which is almost equivalent to using the N-word.

While Skem is officially looking for a team, (he wrote just that in his Twitter), EternalEnvy and Sneyking have formed their own squad that includes Monkeys-Forever (formerly played for Rooons), Jeyo (used to play for Clutch Gamers) and Fear, a renowned ex-EG player.

Please note, that it’s not an officially assembled squad with signed contracts and salaries. It’s just 5 people playing Dota 2 together and, unless they succeed in The Chongqing Major qualifiers, the team might get disbanded.


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