ESL Pro League Season 11 group stage schedule

Mar 11 2020 2 min read
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ESL Pro League Season 11's group stage schedule has been revealed, and details all matches up to April 2ESL Pro League Season 11 is will begin on Monday, March 16.

At this time, it is not confirmed who will be filling the Heroic spot after FunPlus Phoenix acquired the roster. A report from DBLTAP points to BIG leaving FLASHPOINT 1 to join ESL Pro League Season 11, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Here is the group stage schedule for ESL Pro League Season 11:

Monday, March 16 - Group A

  • ENCE vs. Sharks
  • Vitality vs. GODSENT
  • Astralis vs. NiP

Tuesday, March 17 - Group B

  • Heroic spot vs. forZe
  • Natus Vincere vs. Complexity
  • fnatic vs. FURIA

Wednesday, March 18 - Group A

  • NiP vs. Sharks
  • Astralis vs. GODSENT
  • Vitality vs. ENCE

Thursday, March 19 - Group B

  • fnatic vs. Heroic spot
  • Natus Vincere vs. forZe
  • FURIA vs. Complexity

Friday, March 20 - Group A

  • NiP vs. GODSENT
  • Vitality vs. Sharks
  • Astralis vs. ENCE

Saturday, March 21 - Group B

  • fnatic vs. forZe
  • Natus Vincere vs. FURIA
  • Heroic spot vs. Complexity

Sunday, March 22 - Group A

  • Astralis vs. Sharks
  • Vitality vs. NiP

Monday, March 23 - Group B

  • FURIA vs. forZe
  • Natus Vincere vs. Heroic spot
  • fnatic vs. Complexity

Tuesday, March 24 - Groups A & B

  • Natus Vincere vs. fnatic
  • FURIA vs. Heroic spot
  • forZe vs. Complexity
  • Astralis vs. Vitality
  • NiP vs. ENCE
  • GODSENT vs. Sharks

Wednesday, March 25 - Groups A & B (play-in)

  • Group A winner vs. Group B winner

Thursday, March 26 - Group C

  • 100 Thieves vs. BOOM
  • mousesports vs.
  • Liquid vs. Renegades

Friday, March 27 - Group D

  • G2 vs. TYLOO
  • North vs. OG
  • Evil Geniuses vs. FaZe

Saturday, March 28 - Group C

  • Renegades vs. BOOM
  • Liquid vs.
  • mousesports vs. 100 Thieves

Sunday, March 29 - Group D

  • North vs. TYLOO
  • Evil Geniuses vs. OG
  • G2 vs. FaZe

Monday, March 30 - Group C

  • Renegades vs.
  • mousesports vs. BOOM
  • Liquid vs. 100 Thieves

Tuesday, March 31 - Group D

  • FaZe vs. TYLOO
  • Evil Geniuses vs. North
  • G2 vs. OG

Wednesday, April 1 - Group C

  • 100 Thieves vs.
  • Liquid vs. BOOM
  • mousesports vs. Renegades

Thursday, April 2 - Group D

  • G2 vs. North
  • Evil Geniuses vs. TYLOO
  • FaZe vs. OG

Friday, April 3 - Groups C & D

  • mousesports vs. Liquid
  • 100 Thieves vs. Renegades
  • vs. BOOM
  • G2 vs. Evil Geniuses
  • FaZe vs. North
  • OG vs. TYLOO

Saturday, April 4 - Groups C & D (play-in)

  • Group C winner vs. Group D winner

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