ESL ONE New York preview

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ESL ONE New York preview

From London to New York. The show must go on…

As Freddie Mercury once said, “The show must go on”, we will continue with world-class Counter-Strike, no matter the most prestigious tournament of all, Major just ended a few days ago in London, New York is calling for another action!

Taking place in the Barclays Center in the borough of Brooklyn, ESL ONE New York will host another tournament, where eight teams will fight for a part of the $250,000 prize pool and moreover to take an Intel Grand Slam win, which promises a $1,000,000 bonus for the first team, which will win four out of ten consecutive Grand Slam event (ESL) .

All teams were separated to two double-elimination groups, where the top two teams from each group will advance to the single-elimination bracket playoffs. All matches, who we already saw in New York was best-of-three (Grand Final will be best-of-five series) and we have been already witnesses some really surprising results. 

In a group A, the second best team in the world, Russian-Ukraine Natus Vincere faced Gambit (who just released statement that Hobbit will part their way with this team after this tournament) lost their BO3 series on Nuke (4:16) and Overpass (11:16). Just saying, a week ago, they were in Major Grand Finals, where more than 10 thousand people watched them live in SSE Arena in Wembley and more than millions from home. Crazy game, I must say. 

The second match in this group was almost another surprise, because European mix from Mousesports lost the first map on Inferno (12:16) against Swedish fnatic (who just said goodbye to an old teammate flusha and play this event with a Belgian stand-in ScreaM) and was 2 rounds from the exit on de_train. Mouz showed their strengths and a good mentality and took the second map to overtime, where they win 19:16. The last map was one side story for mouz.  Twelve to three after the first half and dominating performance on second pistol round ended this match 16:3 for Tomas “Oskar” Stastny and co. 

In a group B, FaZe clan faced a new French roster from G2 Esports on three maps. European gigant FaZe was definitely favourite in this match, but same like in the group A, we saw another upset when G2 win this series 2:1 and start leading their group. After this match, rest go as we expected. Team Liquid (best CS:GO team in NA atm) won on the three maps against another NA team, NRG eSports. Na’Vi won their duels against fnatic, who finished on the last place in the group and will have some extra time to think about their last addition to their roster. Mousesport has managed to win another series against Gambit and secure the first spot to semifinals. But the biggest surprised was when FaZe Clan were not strong enough to win against NRG (17:19 on Inferno, 9:16 on Mirage) and ended up on the last place in the group stage. Really shocking for stars like NiKo, rain or GuardiaN, but its Counter-Strike. Anything can happen…

The playoff will continue this weekend and you can see on your own eyes how Mousesport will fight against NRG/G2 winner and team Liquid versus Na’Vi/Gambit winner. My personal tip is that we will see European stars from Mousesports faced Natus Vincere in the Grand final and fight for $125,000 in cash. What do you think? Who will be the next ESL NY champion? Hit me with your thought in the comments below!  

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