ESL One Hamburg 2018: Tournament results & day 6 recap

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ESL One Hamburg 2018: Tournament results & day 5 recap

It’s a good time to be a Team Secret fan.

Team Secret proved to be one of the strongest teams in the world yet again, putting another tournament under their belt. Having beaten, Puppey led his squad to the Grand Finals to face the final boss – Chinese team Vici Gaming.

To take these Grand Finals Puppey pulled off the craziest strategies in terms of player shuffling. We saw MidOne (mid) transitioning to a roaming support, YapzOr (pos 4 support) playing as offlaner and other changes that just worked out as the result of perfect synergy between teammates.

You can see the highlight of the series in this clip where zai pulls off a 4-man-RP and to gives Nisha an easy triple kill and secure Roshan. This episode gave Team Secret an early lead in the last game, which they never let go.

Vici Gaming, on the other hand, won their 2 games of the seriesbased on early domination. Once the team seized the lead during the laning stage, didn't give Secret breathing room. You can check DotaBuff pages of the second and the third game and see how steady the net worth graphs are, with just a couple of inconsequential swings in the first game.

Congratulations to MidOne, who was announced the MVP of the tournament and will be able to choose a Mercedes-Benz car.

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