Epiphany Bolt sign Temp.no

Mar 23 2016 3 min read
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Epiphany Bolt have announced via their website that they have picked up the squad known as Temp.no.

Epiphany Bolt were on the lookout for a new team to support after parting ways with their Danish/Swedish roster, which has since signed for Orbit.

Temp.no are one of the strongest teams hailing from Norway, with a first-place finish at The Convention, where they defeated teams like RCTIC and GamersLeague, already under their belt.

The team will make their first appearance for the organisation later this week, at Copenhagen Games, where they will try to secure a place in the €30,000 tournament via the event's BYOC qualifier.

"I feel honored that we have been offered a chance to join Epiphany Bolt, I have only heard good things about them, and I was surprised the first time I saw the organisation and the level of their players," team member Anders "aNdz" Kjær said in a statement.

"We even lost an official in Quickshot Arena to them, and I realised at that point Epiphany was a good organisation. That’s the beauty these days, with CS:GO growing so much, a team that you may have never heard of, could still be sponsored by a very good organisation!

"Everything feels great so far, this will be a longlasting and good partnership.

"We have strong goals for the future and I know the management and staff have too, so we can help each other to get there as much as possible. I hope we can do big things together!"

Epiphany Bolt's new CS:GO squad consist of:

  •  Kristian "KORN" Hokland
  •  Jon "DaY" Thomas Rudstrøm
  •  Henrik "neto" Kristengård
  •  Anders "aNdz" Kjær
  •  Christian "moen" Moen 

Source: hltv.org


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