EPICENTER Major — Day 7 Results

Jun 29 2019 4 min read

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This Saturday was incredibly hot for all Dota 2 fans, and especially for Virtus.pro fans! The "Bears" conducted two spectacular series and finally managed to overcome the "EPICENTER curse" and reach the Top-3 at the home tournament.

The evening began with a match between TNC Predator and PSG.LGD. The first map of this confrontation can easily be called "TNC and the last barrack." A fair fight with a small PSG.LGD advantage lasted up to 30 minutes, when TNC managed to catch the opponent's core-heroes in the most inconvenient timing - the main characters remained without buybacks.

TNC equipped with Aegis and went to destroy the opponent's base. Hot South Asian blood didn't let focusing on buildings, so PSG.LGD managed to reflect the attack, remaining with the only one barrack saved, without mega-creeps. All further fights were fought for this last PSG. LGD's barrack, which after fell after a few minutes. The South Asian team led the series.

The second map was the Tims performance on Enigma with the help of Grimstroke from e. PSG.LGD rushed to make up for lost time, and they were quite successful in this by mid-game, having dispersed their advantage to 15,000 gold. But TNC had a real black hole in their arsenal, and all the Chinese team hopes dissolved in it.

The "Predators" quickly won back 10,000 gold and started to "bite" the enemy buildings. Slark from Ame failed because of greed. He was tempted by the "Double Damage" rune, recklessly hitting an enemy ambush. This rune cost the Chinese team a map, a series and a tournament. Indeed, "Double Damage"!

Then Virtus.pro and Alliance came to the CSKA Arena scene. The Swedes spent one series more on the tournament - Loda's wards climbed the Lower Bracket from the very first round of the Playoffs, while the Bears were here, having lost the previous series against Team Liquid.

The first map was fast: Virtus.pro successfully conducted the draft stage, with a particular focus on early "pressure" and destroying the buildings. The combination of abilities that weaken all opponents at once - Global Silence, Guardian Angel, and Exorcism - turned out to be too tight for the Swedish team pick, and the Bears led the series.

Alliance seriously started the second map and led 6,000 in gold to the mid-game. Nevertheless, Virtus.pro were able to catch the enemy by mistake and first killed two enemy core-heroes by combining Ravage and Sonic Wave, and then launching a full-fledged comeback, sending the Swedes home.

Virtus.pro met TNC Predator in the battle for the Lower Bracket finals. Both teams have already managed to play one "dry" series today - TNC beat the Chinese PSG.LGD and Virtus.pro sent Swedes from Alliance home.

The Bears dictated the first map: a confident draft and excellent personal performance helped the team quickly take control of the entire map, collect the necessary artifacts and pick up Aegis. But RAMZES666 on Weaver definitely didn't need it - he won the main fight without its help, albeit with a minimum of health.

VP went to the opponent's base on the bottom line at the twentieth minute, and five minutes later, TNC Predator completely exhausted the defence resource and admitted defeat on the first map.

The Bears have chosen a bunch of Io and Gyrocopter for the final battle. TNC Predator responded with meta Sven and Mars, reinforcing the team battle with Enigma. The meeting was "stretched" for an hour: the teams exchanged global spells, stole Roshan and Aegis from each other, destroyed the sides and spent the buybacks.

Virtus.pro earned almost 15,000 gold and, thanks to a great fight near Roshpit, they broke the South Asian team and finished this series.

Summing up the results: PSG.LGD and Alliance took 5-6 place, got 900 DPC points and $60,000. TNC Predator finished on 4th place, took 1,350 DPC points and $80,000. Virtus.pro took place in the Top-3 and tomorrow they will fight with Team Liquid for reaching the Grand Final, where Vici Gaming is waiting for second finalist.

Final Day schedule

Lower Bracket Final [best of 3]
11:30 CEST — Team Liquid vs Virtus.pro

Grand Final [best of 5]
15:00 CEST — Vici Gaming vs Team Liquid/Virtus.pro

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