EPICENTER Major — Day 4 Predictions

Jun 25 2019 4 min read

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EPICENTER Major continues to delight us with an incredible DotA, as we do with our predictions for the upcoming matches.

VICI Gaming vs Gambit Esports

VICI feel confident in meta, choosing quite heavy (Sven, Mars, Wraith King, Lifestealer) or very mobile (Spectre, Morphling, Puck) characters. Also, they use not complicated tactics and perform great to win many teams.

Unlike many teams, Gambit decided to use stable and proven tactics. Therefore, the picks don't look so diverse but still can bring them victory. It's worth noting the excellent training so that the team gets some advantage even at the draft stage.

Gambit won with a 2:0 score in the last meeting with this team. This time VICI will be more prepared and will be able to adjust their picks and gameplay against the opponent. The Chinese team may win.

TnC Predator vs Royal Never Give Up

TnC has been dragging most of its games into the late stage, where either they make a coup after a long struggle or slowly and confidently bring their advantage to the bitter end. Good heroes bunches and excellent communication make this team very dangerous for any opponent.

Royal Never Give Up can prove that it is not in vain that they get to Major. The squad has everything for this: flexible tactics, strong players, coordinated actions.

RNG must use drafts capable of quick push in this confrontation. In this case, it will significantly knock TnC out from their tactics to "stretch" their matches. Royal Never Give Up can create the necessary pressure and take things into their own hands for the sake of victory.

Evil Geniuses vs OG

OG was lucky that the tournament organizers delayed the match for one day so that N0tail could participate in a significant game for the team. The Group stage wasn't right without it, and now one map could decide OG's fate. It's not a fact that during this time Johan managed to recover, but now there is hope for the best.

Evil Geniuses remembered the old times and failed their first day of the performance. All the players looked faded, and it seemed like they were not doing their best. The team was able to show a good result only against outsiders - Infamous. Players were exhausted because of the constant trips to different tournaments.

Both teams have problems of various kinds. It's tough to figure out who will be able to get together for the bo1 match. EG was considered stronger and more stable before the tournament. OG wants to get the required number of points to pass The International qualifiers. The standoff should be cautious and long. EG can rehabilitate after failed Group stage. Therefore, they may win.

Infamous vs Alliance

Infamous is good for Minor, but they still can't fight at Major. There is no synergy between players and the lack of an individual skill only intensifies this problem.

Alliance is now in an excellent shape to use the chosen heroes to their best. If it happens to Alliance is forced to play with not the most favourite characters, then it becomes more challenging to win, but still possible.

Alliance is noticeably better in each of the possible parameters compare to the opponent. Undoubtedly, anything can happen in a bo1 match, but there is no faith in Infamous due to their weak game.

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