Epic Games Teased Fortnite's Season 10 With a Video

Jul 31 2019 2 min read

Epic Games Teased Fortnite's Season 10 With a Video ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Epic published the fourth and probably the last teaser of Fortnite Season 10 on their Twitter account. The new season will debut tomorrow, August 1, most likely around 4 am CET.

The teaser is the only video in the series, which shows an explosion of a luminous energy sphere in the centre of Loot Lake. The entire map was affected by the explosion, including the characters who were there during its expansion. The video stops before showing the explosion's consequences.

The first two seasons' 10 teasers seemed to complement each other. While the first showed the old Dusty Divot, who was struck by a meteor in May 2018, the second showed a mechanic figure that players probably never saw before. The messages with them said "think back" and "look forward", which may mean that the season will be somehow related to moving forward and backwards in time.

The third teaser also gave this feeling to fans. It showed the Drift character skin, which is known to be associated with the rifts that appeared in the Fortnite's fifth season, and came with the message "twist time."

These teasers have made fans think that by season 10 Fortnite will have a brand new map. Players are always eager to finally hear this when Epic produces teasers, but the company has yet to realize it. There is no evidence that players will be able to re-visit the old island or areas that were removed in previous seasons when the next season begins, so most of the things you could hear about this might be no more than gossips.

Players will know everything that the new season has to show when the patch appears tomorrow. Then they will be able to download all the game files and prepare their game for the moment when the servers will reconnect to the network after the usual maintenance and update deployment downtime.

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