Epic Games got embarrassed for female breast animation in Fortnite

Sep 28 2018 2 min read

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Fortnite Season 6 is out with pets, floating islands, sound packs and literally a hundred of unlockable items. Yet, the thing that gets discussed the most is breast animation of Calamity.

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It’s not as explicit as some scenes from Witcher or Mass Effect games series, but already a step away from being family friendly. In a recent email to PCGamer’s Andy Chalk, Epic Games representative wrote:


— This is embarrassing and unintended. We are working on a fix as soon as possible.


Fortnite official Twitter account announced that some animations are being pulled, but it didn’t provide any details.

Apparently, the boobs animation was created by members of the development staff, and it wasn’t vetted thoroughly enough before ending up in the actual game.

Blizzard Entertainment for many years was criticized for sexualizing game characters. Players have been joking about barely clothed she-elves and curvy Overwatch heroes. Hell, even Kerrigan, the Zerg Queen of Blades somehow ended up on high heels (Abathur’s fetish?). At the same time, Blizzard warns that players of certain ages may play its games only with a consent from the parents or guardians.

Epic Games isn’t like Blizzard as far as young players are concerned. Any 9-year-old can download Fortnite and start playing without breaking terms of services even if no adults were involved. This approach and massive popularity carry certain restrictions on game design and force developers to be mindful of content they produce.


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